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    '48 Higgins with a '53 CWC springer
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    1998 Kona Cruiser - Ebay

    That's a steal at $50.
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    Let's see your bikes that were stolen...

    Get ready to weep.. My Blacksheep Luna Vista with Faith fork, Ti Cycles bar. Garage was targeted, locks were cut and she was gone. Because it was the garage there was a single item limit rider (that i wasnt aware of) which made it not worthwhile to make an insurance claim. Chris King...
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    show us your BEER BIKE

    It still needs a Fender Blender for the cocktails ;)
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    show us your BEER BIKE

    We built this from a Worksman at our shop, it holds a keg and a CO2 tank and is fully functional. Even for the Worksman though we're pushing the limit on what the tires can hold up to !!
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    I name this Spaceliner "Dorothy"

    Had some time this past week. Base coat is Cherry Red, then 3 coats of fine red glitter followed by 2 coats of sliver glitter in clearcoat. I also hit the fork cap and the rear fender with gloss black. Unfortunately the chrome was too far gone to save. Most importantly my wife likes this...
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    I name this Spaceliner "Dorothy"

    I found some paint with finer glitter in it, probably wont pop as much but we'll see when I get a chance to spray it.
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    I name this Spaceliner "Dorothy"

    Back to the drawing board.... frame wasn't smooth enough with about 5 coats of clear. Spent the weekend stripping all the paint off.
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    I name this Spaceliner "Dorothy"

    I picked up this Spaceliner last year and for one reason or another didn't have time to work on it past tearing it down and stripping the rattle-can black paint from it. My wife wanted it to "pop" so last weekend I hit it with Cherry Red, then while the paint was wet threw ultrafine glitter on...
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    late 50's murray tanker?

    It was my understanding that MO was "Murray Ohio" and, as on mine the S was for "Sears". Mine is a Higgins, not sure which store the T refers to.
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    Bent head tube

    This worked for me before when UPS were careless with a bike during transit. If it's steel it will go right back into shape, just go slow and careful.
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    I used to own a Blacksheep until some scumbag ripped off my garage (and its was taken away still locked to anther bike). Budnitz ripped off James from Blacksheep's designs, plain and simple. The Blacksheep was a thing of beauty and worth every penny I invested. One day it will come back to me.
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    The Best Floor Pump? Worth every penny, the built in compressor function is awesome for seating tires.
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    This is just insane......

    From Youtube: "POV of Bike Base Jump off Cliff Road!. Check out this incredible point-of-view footage of a failed bike base jump from the Bolivian Death Road. Injuries suffered included fractures in his forearm and cut tendons in his knee." Survived but got pretty messed up.
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    This is just insane......

    That's real skill... now this is just plain silly: