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    Starting to sound like some of the car forums in here. Decided to check back in on the poll and see how the bikes I voted for are doing and holy crap.
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    Distracting yourself instead of hawking these polls

    I did help a friend tear down a bike on the stand last night so he could build his first one. I think I do it just to put off clean up
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    Distracting yourself instead of hawking these polls

    Maybe I should take the clean up advice instead of buying more too part out
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    The next major buildoff?

    I just built another “muscle” bike for the big build off so I’m skipping the winter unless something else pops up. I always follow along even if I don’t participate. The answer to what the winter build off was is why I ended up online today. This forum is great for eye candy and learning
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    Distracting yourself instead of hawking these polls

    I tend to ignore the votes pretty easy as I build what I like and don’t compete at the Same level as the top guys. But when I get Get the urge to click it I usually just go find something else to do. Having a project car and 2 kids makes distractions real easy. Yesterday I spent 4 hours riding...
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    BO15 Once again.

    Out for a night ride with some friends. I like this thing
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    Psycho cycles in st. Mary’s Ohio.
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    This is a tough but as usual I’m limiting myself to my normal number of votes and actually taking some notes
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    My random finds

    not the scores of the century but a local antique store purchased an estate and my wife’s uncle called me about these because they don’t deal in bikes. Rather then see them turned into yard art I decided they would be good parts. The Montgomery wards seems to be late 70s and the Ross I’m unsure...
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    Once again.

    This is a sad sad story. Just kidding, guy builds grown up muscle bike, sells it, misses it so he decided to try again. A few firsts on this one but I’m happy with most of it. The racks, reflectors and the tank panel are all things I’ve never put on a bike, I usually go for stripped down...
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    BO15 SteamRoller - Finished 1st THANKS!! - CompareTwinWinsVerBotenSteamRoller

    I don’t normally like flashy colors but this is turning out awesome. The flow of the paint with that frame just looks fantastic
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    Has anyone made a bike out of unwanted spare parts?

    Got bored and built this one today to throw on marketplace. Crusty 61 huffy frame, 70s western flyer lightweight fork and misc other parts. Topped off with some unknown 80s era wheels.
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    BO15 Once again.

    Need a better spot final location but my normal sticker/decal person is apparently going thru a divorce so I think I’m just calling this one done!
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    BO15 Once again.

    Couldn’t find anything I wanted to mount the insert so I started with this. Did a bit of this. Got theseThen tryed some more of that mustard trick because aluminum doesn’t rust. screwed up the format of this post and forgot to get a photo of bending them but it looks like this. Maybe a few...
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    BO15 Once again.

    I call this good enough, just have too browse the hardware store too figure out how I want to mount it. Making it removable for sure. Paint colors ended up closer to tire then frame color but it’s what I had. Primer, seaside bliss and new ford blue.