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    Internal Geared Hubs

    My nexus-4 coaster has been the most reliable hub that I have owned so far. Not a huge fan of the SA 3 speed on my wife's cruiser, the shifting seems not so crisp as the Shimano. I am also running a SRAM i-motion 3 disk on my 29'er and apart from the absolutely horrible stock shifter it has...
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    somebody else's fresh find

    The weight (or lack of) alone would have given somebody a clue that this was not your run-of-the-mill cheap $5 bike. It looks like full XTR with Mavic Crossmax and Fox RL forks. The bike probably weighs in around 24lbs. Maybe the guy has some swampland in Florida for sale cheap too. I would...
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    Trek Broadsider - 29'er Rat

    Just found this amazing looking Trek 29er prototype: ... prototype/
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    Electrical Conduit for Frame building?

    These guys have just about everything you would need. Think that the lugs are for mountain or road bikes though.
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    Just found this on "A&P = Accles & Pollock. UK company, used to make bikes and later bike parts from the late 1800s until the 1960s (also motorcycle, auto and airplane parts). Major competitor to Reynolds from 30-60s." Also:
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    Wow, I want one...
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    Cool video of manf. Gazelle bikes from 1925

    Great video! I only wish frame painting was that easy :)
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    found in dumpster 49-59 murray meteor flight

    How to post pics: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=48 :)
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    I seriously want in but I'm having a hard time finding an affordable frame in Toronto :( Got everything else, wheels, pedals, seat and a plan :)
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    I need help finding books on bikes.

    If you're looking for a really good book on the history of the bicycle, I would recommend: Bicycle: The History' by David V. Herlihy ... 0300104189 It can be a little 'dry' at times but is a really good source for the early years.
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    my full hubless project

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    Double Chain Drive?

    I've seen track bikes with a double chain drive before. Here is one I found online:
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    Glidin' In The Garden

    Great Score!! I love the Eaton's Glider camel-back frames. They are perfect for tall people like me :)
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    Crooz- Nice site of some custo- bikes

    I seriously need these forks :)
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    Fixie Question

    It all depends on what you are using the bike for. My fixies are both road bikes so the gearing is reasonably high. I also have a single speed 29'er mountain bike that is running 33/18 to get up steep hills etc. If you are running a cruiser/street bike then you would probably want something...