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    Matte Black with Gloss striping

    ive used flat black as a base before for the main color of the bike and then masked off my scallops and painted them in a high gloss black and it turned out awesome! give it a try man. worse thing can happen is you don't like the end result! Easy E
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    ~~"Smokin In The Boyz Room"~~ The Finale. p13

    hey man, as promised, you got one of my three votes... your bike is phenomenal and i wish you the best in the build off. outstanding craftsmanship and quality with this build. congrats on owning a sweet bike! cant wait to follow your next build! Easy E
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    Last Ditch Effort... Build Off #7 in one day.

    i considered doing a last minute build as well!!! but instead, im here watching yours. looks like a good start so far! the pictures with your son in them are awesome! cant wait to see what you come up with in the final minutes! Easy E
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    El Torreon Swap Meet - Kansas City Mo

    ive looked at the forecast for next week and its lookin like hot and rainy for the swap meet Don... whats the plans in case it does rain? a LEGIT rain or shine swap meet?? Easy E
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    Huffy Daisy Daisy Kustom

    ewwww!!! thanks marty!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Easy E
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    prayer request (sad update)

    Re: prayer request who is your uncle? Easy E
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    Huffy Daisy Daisy Kustom

    thats an awfully nice look bike you have there marty. where did you get those seats at?! i need one for an upcoming build im going to do... Easy E
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    Fork Issues

    solution to first problem, big wrench and thread that sucker down on it and use your muscles. 2nd solution, try taking a flat head screwdriver and prying up on alternating sides of that piece until it starts moving to where maybe you can get a big wrench in there and wiggle it out. ive never...
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    prayer request (sad update)

    Re: prayer request dragnusa- i was just in brookfield this past weekend to lay to rest my grandfather, after he lost his 3 WEEK battle with leukemia. i swear i think the whole town was at the visitation. the girl and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers for sure... Easy E
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    Papi Grande....It's a rider

    Re: :shock: :shock: NAILED IT! haha thatll be sweet man. that give you sick amounts of room to let your creative geniousness flow into the rest of the frame. cant wait to see what you come up with Easy E
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    Gendron Pioneer tricycle being redone

    i need wheels like that for a build im doing right now... can u PLEASE tell me where you got them?! this should be sweet looking when its done too man! Easy E
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    ~~"Smokin In The Boyz Room"~~ The Finale. p13

    Re: ~~"Smokin In The Boyz Room"~~ Mon night. Fender art your stripes look awesome knowing what you used. i dont think there is a darn thing i dont like about this bike. you sir, have my vote hands down... Easy E
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    Papi Grande....It's a rider

    Re: Re: atta boy!!! Easy E
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    Papi Grande....It's a rider

    Re: as always i love your builds and never have ANYTHING negative to say, but unfortunately, this bike needs to be loooooonger sir! but other than that looks like youre off to an excellent start as always! cant wait to see what you come up with this time! Easy E
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    somthin a lil strange !!!!

    i cant wait to see this all come together!! looks awesome so far! Easy E