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    Chicago Schwinn mountain bike?

    The fork is gone; headset is serviceable (OEM Schwinn, same as on thousands of other bikes) Stem would clean up well, bars rusty, but sound. I will take pics next weekend...take me a while to get things "un-stored", LOL.
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    Chicago Schwinn mountain bike?

    I found a blue Sierra for $15 last autumn and took the Ukais from it for a klunker project. My frame dated to Nov 1982, but the headbadge number dated to March 1983 Before anyone gets too cranky about parting an old bike, it had been outside next to a shed for 20 years; apparently the shed was...
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    Let's see your Cleveland Welding bicycles!

    I thought I'd post this here. People will research their bikes looking for date clues, and the best I got was either mid-1941-to-end of production for war, or perhaps mid-late 1946 (Nov 46 supposedly saw new dies for bending the downtube). Supposedly until sometime in 1941 the downtubes...
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    TREK buys Electra

    Not certain if my input has any bearing, as bikes are a passion and a hobby, rather than my career. My career has been involved in being acquired as well as working for a firm that acquired others. IF my experience in another industry means anything, Trek has been negotiating with Electra for a...