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    I'll be honest, and this might be the schizophrenia talking.... But all I've found in this forum are interesting people with interesting ideas about how to build bicycles. Yeah, definitely the schizophrenia. And yes, people with schizophrenia are allowed to make fun.
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    Furyus Ford Coppola
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    @Angie I'm not very concerned with the emojee things, but I thought I'd point out I dont see them either. Also on Android... so most likely a misfire between the new digs and Android.
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    WWE fan??? You literally just future endeavored @Rat Rod
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    I was just there a couple months ago again. I read the other day where they recently put together a big schwinn display.
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    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    I might have missed it. Is that tank original to the bike? I have one that looks the same but hasn't fit any frame I've ever had.
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    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    I saw it too.
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    ☠ ᗷᑌTTEᖇᗷᗩᒪᒪ ᗷᗩᑎᗪIT ☠(ᗩKᗩ - ᑕᕼᑌᗷᗷY)

    You didn't have to spill the beans because of me...but thanks for thinking of me.
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    I've heard the same thing about rat rods but look at all the builds happening here.
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    Am I about to bend the rules to far?

    Go back and read the rules of the build off. Removing or adding a tab for brakes or chain guard is ok, but no major frame mods. But if the frame is unboltable, then there's no fab or welding to remove or add to it. The stays bolt on, then they can be removed with a wrench... it's a simple...
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    The Rusty Rocket

    Are you going to make it pressure jet powered?
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    Am I about to bend the rules to far?

    My opinion is if it's removable from the factory, then it can be replaced by something aftermarket.
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    °°° ShowBoatin' ™ °°°

    I bought a cheapo 30 buck blaster off the bay years ago. I've only used the coal slag that TSC sells, but it works pretty well. A bit of a slow process with a small tank compressor, but it still does the job. I am interested in seeing how your setup works.
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    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    Cobblers anvils are still made, but it would probably be easier to find them at an antique shop. Now GTB, and imagine I just made the Tim Allen barking noise.