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    Definitely one of a kind, no doubt about it........
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    Free 4 pack of 20 inch tubes

    The tubes arrived today- thanks a bunch, much appreciated. Fred
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    Free 4 pack of 20 inch tubes

    Wowy Zowy :D Fred
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    Free 4 pack of 20 inch tubes

    746, 847 358, 117,685 Fred
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    1930's Elgin

    No sir! Fred
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    29er cruiser tires?

    I've run both the continental Retro's 26 and 700's and love them. They are reasonably priced, too.
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    Racer vs Speedster

    Thank you both for the replies, still undecided! Fred
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    Racer vs Speedster

    I'm looking at two frames, both Schwinns: Speedster and Racer for a possible build. I'm wondering what differences there are in the two frames, both middle weights? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Fred
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    Compax Paratrooper and Sports Traveler (non-folding) "Folding" Bicycles

    So recently I had the fortune to purchase one of each: A complete and original Sports Traveler and a Paratrooper- frame and forks, both built in 1946 by Westfield/Columbia. I had planned to clean up and repaint the Traveler but after getting it home I realize it's just too nice, so I'll clean it...
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    FOUND!!!New Departure Model D non-skip tooth sprocket

    Thanks! I was able to locate one.
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    FOUND!!!New Departure Model D non-skip tooth sprocket

    I'm looking to replace the 10 tooth skip tooth sprocket with a non skip tooth sprocket- New Departure model D. Seems like the sprocket would be cheaper than a used skip tooth chain..... Fred
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    SOLD '41 Colson Frame and Truss Rods

    For sale is a nice 1941 Colson frame badged as Wings (hardware store) I purchased this frame about 4 years ago from fellow member Kirkpatrick. He did all the heavy lifting of the orange paint that covered the original deep maroon paint. The original brazing shows up nicely at some of the joints...
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    26” Cantilever Style Frame Comparision Thread

    Here's one from across the pond: The President -no voter fraud here! Made by the Raynal Company. It's a 26 inch frame but small. It fits my 5'7" frame rather well.
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    I don’t even know where to begin. Monarks, Silver kings, Elgins and more!

    Amazing Find Love to hear the story behind it.
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    CNY vintage ride

    Tell me more! I'm about 20 miles away. Fred