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    Messages stuck in outbox?

    Ahhhh got it, that makes sense! thanks guys!
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    Messages stuck in outbox?

    Anyone else having this issue? There is a message I wrote 24 hrs ago that is still stuck in my outbox. I wrote another a few hours ago and it is also stuck in my outbox.
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    Gotta Girvin!

    Thanks! I wasn't sure how to tell the different generations of Girvin yet. It was one of my better $cores. What was crazy was how bad the CL garage-sale post was. They listed they had a cheap bike fore sale and a loveseat and an ottoman and some golfclubs. They didn't say what kind of bike it...
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    Gotta Girvin!

    Thanks guys! I thought the yellow was pretty sharp too. I've read that e-bike guys like these early ones for the open triangle. They also like these vs full suspension coil shocks sometimes because they are a bit more ridgid, but not totally ridgid. But generally the ones with the crazier tubes...
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    Gotta Girvin!

    Got a crazy sweet deal on this Proflex 555 with Girvin fork. I am all about flipping bikes to fund the BMX addiction these days, but I am tempted to keep this one as I have always wanted a Girvin fork. It almost seems like with these Proflex's the forks are worth as much by themselves as the...
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    Completed Now! Fuji Super 12 - XL frame - for free!

    I have good luck flipping Fuji's. The collectors dig them. But what I want are the big logo fuji stamped 3-piece cranks someday!
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    The sprocket makes the bike! Nice work!
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    '59 Kolumbia Klunker

    Nicely done! Quite a transformaton!
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    Lady Jivaro

    THis is soooooooooo good! Man I love it! Nice work!
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    Took a Detour... looking better!

    It looks great man! I am thinking that generation of BMXers is startig to come up and are starting to look for their old rides. I imagine even more desire in the next 10 years. I am mostly looking for mid-school deals these days.
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    Finally found a DG // BMX

    And you hit another out of the park! You are going to need more storage room to hold your goodness soon!
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    Took a Detour... looking better!

    Re: Took a Detour Killer! THose bars are crazy! Any markings on them? I just drove through Kokomo Friday, I knew you were in the area, and kept my eyes peeled for cool bikes on the road. But my wife and daughter were with me and weren't into stopping for old bikes, lol. I kept looking at Kokomo...
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    Are my prices out of line?

    I am in western MA which is a huge biking area. I've come to find that Vintage road bikes sell fast here, with tons of hipsters, 5 colleges and paved bike trails connecting it all. But when ever I list muscle bikes or BMX, especially if they are worth more than $120 they sit. Even mountain bikes...
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    1980 Torker L.P. Long

    Re: 1980 Torker L.P. Niiiiiiice more pics!
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    1967 Sears Spyder 5-speed 20"

    Sick score! I have the 24" version. But it is in shambles.