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    Does anyone leave their bike rack attached all the time?

    If it isn't in your way - go for it. One suggestion though, if it mounts into a receiver hitch on the vehicle, liberally GREASE the part that slides into the hitch. They can be a real pain to remove if they rust in.
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    from a 10 speed to a 5 speed, should I do it?

    Been rolling without a front derailleur so long I've had to replace my worn 44 tooth chainring twice. On the rare occasion I've wanted to use the "big" ring I just stop and manually shift it. Biggest problem is very greasy fingers
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    Big Red Rolling Sled

    Hey nice looking ride. If you decide to do away with the slicks drop me a pm. I've got a pair and I'd like another. Gizmo
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    1954 Red Murray Pull Wagon

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    Please help Id a seat tube emblem

    Thanks Adam. Agreed, I dug a little further (google is my friend ;-) ) and am pretty sure the bike is (was) a Murray Meteor Flite. I don't have the tank or original chain guard and underneath the ugly brown house paint I suspect are only the remnants of the original paint. I was mostly curious...
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    Please help Id a seat tube emblem

    Trying to Id my winter cruiser. Threw together a cruiser for the winter, a traditional Murray built frame of the "Liner" family. She's not much to look at but she's got good fenders and gives a good ride. The brown enamel house paint that is obscuring the original paint has given away on the...
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    11th Owosso Bike Fest...August 9th

    Oh Yeah!
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    Display Kickstands...

    Is this what you were looking for? and scroll down the page. Also found for $20 on fleabay I've had one for years and they work...
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    when is too much for fixing a bike

    If it were about makin' $$$, most of us would be screwed. If ya like it, keep building' and enjoy Gizmo
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    CHICAGO TAILDRAGGERS ~~~ Dec 12th Bricks Pizza & Zoo Lights

    Let's see, If I leave SE Michigan by 3AM I'd get to ChiTown in time to take a nap before the ride. Have a good time! Gizmo
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    Pookie42 / Gil Terry / Gizmo here from the Freakbike Nation. Was really great you and Lee joined...

    Pookie42 / Gil Terry / Gizmo here from the Freakbike Nation. Was really great you and Lee joined us last weekend. Got a message from a guy that was looking to buy a Sears Spaceliner last weekend at Ann Arbor but said he missed it. I couldn't remember if you had one for sale there or not and...
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    Memory Lane and Ann Arbor 2015 pictures

    So many photos, Thanks Dave
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    Detroit's Belle Isle FreakBike Nation Ride and Picnic

    Hey Pookie, Yeah the Freaks are headed to the Isle again this year …..Saturday, April 25, 2015 ……. The FreakBike Nation - Great Lakes Chapter will once again hold it's seasoner opener "Ride The Isle, Ring The Belle" Ride and Pic-a-nic. This is open to anyone who just wants to ride around and...
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    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    My 2005 Honda Sabre... and in all it's "drag a bicycle home" glory….
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    Cruisers on slicks!

    My Snake Bike by Lake Erie