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    Good luck everyone. I enjoyed seeing all of your projects. Makes me want to do more.
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    Victus Mortuus (Riding Video)

    Re: Victus Mortuus (Getting Skulled) That's crazy and I love it!
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    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic One of my favorites in this competition. I love the sex change and light work. I hope you get your tire situation sorted out and can't wait to see it completed.
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    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    Primed the chain guard after a little maneuvering to get it to fit. I also got the springer fork in the mail today.
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    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    The Goodyear in question in which the chain guard was stripped from.
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    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    Fitting a chain guard from a currently unidentified Goodyear
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    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    Original Troxel Seat. I am going to try and tackle re upholstery and taking off all that rust. The seat looks real good on the bike and should be worth it.
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    Lady Jivaro

    shop photo looks like you are ready to have a it. Good luck in the build, it is an exciting design.
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    Lucky # 7

    I am way underdressed for this competition. I didn't know we had to tuck our shirt in for this one.
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    Re: ☆☆Ꭼsє LᎾ₡Ꮎ JᎾKᎬЯ!☆☆(THAT CRAZY JOKER!) RRB#08 love the schematic and concept! Good luck and hope it rides well.
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    Fat Fix (COLOR CHANGE)

    Re: Fat Fix I can't wait to see it come together. I see a few fat tire bikes in this build, very exciting.
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    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    I got a few coats of paint on.