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    Grape Ape 24" Schwinn Mega-Ray (MMBO #4 Class 1)

    The 24" wheel mega-'Ray rides, shifts, and stops. Metallic violet powder coat and Grape Ape chainguard decal kludge for some other day. The 5 speed drum set-up makes any frame / fork combo into a geared bike. Link to build thread...
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    (MBBO#04 Class 1) Grape Ape

    Okay, it's been a bit, made some progress. Took a couple weeks to get a buddy to drop some brass into the crank gouge on the left chain stay. While removing the paint to prep for brazing, found that there was rust pitting on the frame. Removed paint on other top surfaces, found the same. Going...
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    What type of grease does everybody use? Yes I know not everbody uses the same kind.

    Red hi-temp from the auto parts store. Pack the grease gun full and it's good to go. Cheers, Geoff
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    (MBBO#04 Class 1) Grape Ape

    Ran the cloth rim strips and installed tires. Re-spaced the drive side axle. Dialed in the dish. Will have to modify the pie plate. Can't remember what I did to the last one to make it work right. Spreading the rear triangle to 128mm to fit the drum hub. Aligning the drop outs. I should...
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    (MBBO#04 Class 1) Grape Ape

    This will end up being a pretty straight-forward build, bordering on predictable. Not messing with the frame other than to spread the rear triangle a bit and fill in a bent-crank frame-gouge with brass. Since there's no way to mount caliper brakes on this thing, gonna have to run drum brakes...
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    (MBBO#04 Class 1) Grape Ape

    Tossing my hat into the ring at the last minute here. Not sure if I'll be able to get this one powdercoated before the deadline, but I'll at least make it into a riding bicycle as proof-of-concept. I had this neat little piece knocking around. It's the rear bracket from a Schwinn Collegiate...
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    (MBBO 4 - Class 1) Corvette Stingray, big boys need Muscle Bikes too..........DeLuxe......Back In!!!

    Hey man, I really dig what you did with the fork extension plates, it's an elegant solution to a problem that's vexed me for years. Years back I wanted to build a bike along a similar vein, 26" rear 5 speed, 20" front drum brake, basically a giant Krate, but couldn't figure a way to rectify the...
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    650b wheels

    650B / 27.5", just think of it as the mountain bike wheel between the 26" and the 29ers. The confusing thing is that they use different terms for the same wheel size depending on usage. The 584 size is called 650B when used on road and touring bikes. The 584 size is called 27.5 when used...
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    B.F. Goodrich (PIC ADDED)

    The style of fork you describe, with the built-in strut holders, is a heavyweight fork. Last used in like '52 or so. If the fork is original to the bike, then it's a Heavyweight. $40 would indeed be a good price, but depending on what else is there (guard, decent stem, seat core that may be...
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    Old Schwinn ?s

    It's a Collegiate. Takes Schwinn-specific tires. Very practical bikes, the Collegiate line, provided it's the correct frame size for you. Cheers, Geoff
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    Glue bike grips

    Wrap a quick spiral of electrical tape on the bar where the grip would go. This increases the effective diameter of the bar enough that most "loose" grips will fit snugly again. For really dry and loose old grips I'll overlap the tape a bit, but for most grips a single spaced out wrap will work...
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    (MBBO Class 1) AMF Avenger 5, dead stock to speed demon.

    Thanks for the kudos. If I get a chance I'll get so photos of the non-drive side as well to try and show off the double drums. The selling point for me on this bike (besides the originality, and the fact that I love to buy bikes at swap meets) was the frame was set up for the 6.5s. One simply...
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    (MBBO Class 1) AMF Avenger 5, dead stock to speed demon.

    Rides pretty nice. The riverfront was still kind of busy, so didn't really open it up, but it's a quick and responsive bike. The 6.5 inch cranks make a real difference. If the weather holds and I'm able to ride this bike into work in the next couple weeks, then I'll get to find out if the high...
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    (MBBO Class 1) AMF Avenger 5, dead stock to speed demon.

    For all practical (as well as impractical) purposes this bike is finished. Think I'm going to run linear (non-compression) housing for the shifter, and the headset loosened / settled in on today's maiden voyage, but this bike is essentially there. Added an early '60s CEV light that I'd had...