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    Final Rankings - Voting Results

    I think voting for yourself is like buying yourself a birthday present. Isn't the whole idea of entering this competition to see what the majority of the "members" think is the coolest build, regardless of if its a custom, restoration, or a rusted out rat? I think voting for yourself takes away...
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    Nice resurrection of a classic. Good job!
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    Wicked cool style! Wow to the fork, frame build and what I thought when I first saw it... Awesome. Nice job.
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    Earl Grey

    A cool old school Schwinn mountain bike on the cheap! Nice!
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    Hot Rod Chopper

    Great rat look! Love the pinstripes!
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    Vinyl Schwinn

    Vintage Schwinn with unique accessories! Good job!
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    The White Rabbit-a two-afternoon build!

    For 7 hours that's a cool build! I like the results! Nice color combo!
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    Firestone Super Kruiser

    Cool looking bike! Nice job!
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    Digging the chrome and worn paint frame together! And the skull sticker for the headbadge is cool!
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    Helen A. Handbasket

    Retro Huffy ladies coaster cruiser spraybombed black and headed for a dark future. Looking to start off with a new image and a couple modifications, she enrolls in the witness protection program and transforms into a racey red number pushing the boundaries. Branding a name that let's others...
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    Saved from the scrappers

    The basket will be a key to this project.
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    Saved from the scrappers

    This won't be much of a build... More like a makeover. Here's what's been happening.
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    I know what you mean by the intimidating factor on some of the other builds, but just bring your strong point and creativity and go nuts! Glad to see another lady in the mix!
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    Saved from the scrappers

    Hey! I haven't been very active and checked out the RRB webpage and saw there's a build-off brewing. Well this will do me some good to do something other than work. My buddy text me this pic and asked if I was interested. Free... The dad was gonna scrap it because his son 'painted' it and no one...
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    Sears Mainliner, aka "King of the Road". first mockups...

    Looks like a great start! Have fun!