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    Extra parts sale

    All parts still available need more info text me 714-735-7880
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    Extra parts sale

    (4) Old bmx cranks and bottom bracket as shown they say takagi on the back of the arms any questions please ask before buying the came off a working old beach cruiser 25.00 ok I can do that I usually ship bars with tube foam pads and then wrap them in plastic wrap and ship them priority mail
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    Extra parts sale

    (3) dia compe bmx brake set dated 1980 come with the caliper "1080" and the lever and cable 25.00 %5BURL=][/URL]...
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    Extra parts sale

    (2) early 80's bmx cruiser aluminum handlebars non knurled 30" wide nice set of bars here 45.00][/URL] %5BURL=][/URL]...
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    Extra parts sale

    i prefer local pick up here in Santa Ana ,Ca 92704 area ...but I will ship 0n your expense pal only ..prices are plus shipping (1)Here's a nice of chrome mx/klunker handlebars 34" wide in very nice condition 65.00 no dents or dings...
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    1978? Murray Cruiser - $20 (So.Cal)

    I will take it lmk text me 714-735-7880
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    SOLD Mini twinn frame, fork and chainguard for sale

    I wish you were local I'm in California I would buy the Schwinn run about
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    Is that 320.00 shipped for the white one ?

    Is that 320.00 shipped for the white one ?
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    The 'new'

    Cool I was just wondering......I understand ..but I treasured that feedback...
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    The 'new'

    We'res all my feedback..?
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    Rear Reflector help

    I got this schwinn royal badge balloner and was woundering if any one knows what reflector goes on the rear fender it curves with the fender as you can see in the Impressions...and if not a reflector what goes there ? Thanks Cruz.... :?
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    Picker Sale

    pm sent on water bag
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    Cleaning out desk drawers

    hey they look cool..i will take some ..lmk
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    schwinn cranks?

    thanks for your info. ozz ...its strange i still got people telling me there are schwinn...
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    schwinn cranks?

    thanks Gary...getting closer to finding out what these are