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    this bike is fantastic. Def getting my vote.
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    that kinda looks like an art installation.
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    I like those Redline chainrings.
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    Blue bike

    allow me to interrupt this build to tell you sir, that a NoHo ride is planned for Aug 28th. Not sure if any other NERRBs told you. Hope to see you there.
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    that bug is looking like my first car, a 1974 Fiesta Orange Superbeetle.
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    Trek precaliber 20 gravity bike

    wow. crazy.
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    Sleeping Giant

    in central CT this is our Sleeping Giant
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    Good From Afar

    that bottle opener ... <3
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    Another truck load

    sometimes it's just the camera angle that makes the wheel look close to the down tube.
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    Another truck load

    does that Western Flyer have BFD? (bent fork disease)
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    Bikes I likes

    I have a Ritchey Road Logic (2018?). Campy Record 11. Reynolds cf wheels. It's a beaut.
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    Head badge rivets

    I've typically tapped and threaded the holes for tiny screws.
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    Mismatched Wheel or Tire Sizes

    my 69er (26 rear, 29 front) I think I built this around 2005-2006
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    Mismatched Wheel or Tire Sizes

    this is awesome.
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    that surprises me. It seemed beastly.