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    The color coordinated chain is a nice touch.
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    What is the most high end bike you own

    My 1996 Cannondale. Or my son's brand new Trek.
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    The Old 10 Speed Gallery

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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Seeing the same here. 150 for a used Cranbrook! There aren't any on the shelves. I guess scarcity makes them worth more.
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    BO15 "Messed up kid"

    I agree, stick with the black. It gives the colors a sense of depth that I don't think you'll get with white. And a white banana seat will make for some awesome contrast.
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    The Wonky Donkey

    Get those pedals ready. Mine was 5 when he got his first bike and I spent that summer trying to keep up.
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    made in china

    Those had the same engine as the Celicas didn't they? I had a 77 Celica. 20R motor. Ended up with a Holley 450 cfm 4 barrel on it. Blew up 2 or 3 transmissions but it was fun.
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    made in china

    Roaches are tropical. They've move north with the increase in human population because our heated buildings allow them to survive the winter. So they will not outlast humans, at least in colder latitudes. So yeah, they aint so tough.
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    Bike Sales Are UP !!

    Well, i was secretly working to destroy the system from within...
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    Bike Sales Are UP !!

    Obviously standards started dropping when I left the company in 1994.
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    Bike Sales Are UP !!

    Wow things have changed. Bikes were not stocked in the DCs in the 90s. At least not in DC6016. They came in and went out. I wonder why that changed.
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    Bike Sales Are UP !!

    Trust me, there's no bikes sitting in their distribution centers. Things like bikes come in Receiving and are out the door in 24 hours.
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    Can generator spin clockwise?

    If it generates electricity when it spins one way, then it should remove electricity if you spin it backwards. Seems logical.