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    Cleaning and polishing frames

    I commend you, polishing aluminum and following thru to completion is a horrible job. I did dome by hand, then bought a harbor freight buffer (bigger model) and wouldnt consider doing aluminum without a buffer. Maintenance is lousy too.
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    I need advice on a Cruiser to MTB build

    Good move, I was gonna suggest a 90's-00's high quality mountain bike. Most are chromoly frames, pretty god geo and had very good quality geoupsets. I trail rode a trek 930 with rock shox for a few years and beat the heck out of it. Just kept coming back for more. 2 years ago found...
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    Surface rust removal

    Theres oxalic acid, or citric acid, or vinegar bath for the whole frame. Ive had luck just soaking a rag in vinegar, wrapping the area that needs help (bottom bracket) and keeping the rag wet. Dribble on more vinegar every few hours. Works well for spot treatment. Area needs to be grease...
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    Cheapest Spokes

    How cheap do you wanna go, i know a guy that bought out a bike shop and has thousands of galvanized spokes. He quit listing them on ebay. Who wants to be the cheap spoke distributor, hes in central IL and would probably sell them all very reasonably.
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    Suspension seatpost ?

    My wifes rider, giant sedona has a very nice one. If I tried one it would be that brand / type.
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    Favorite banana seat for 26" ?

    Wanted to get some opinions on people favorite banana seat for 26". Considered making one with the front narrow and flaring out for the actual seating position. Would be hammered over a buck, upper and lower pan, with enough arch side to side for rigidity and a rolled side lip. Ive hand...
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    Banana Seat Grommets/Eyelets

    I recently bought one of these grommet set and drivers. Its for a larger size, but the instructions were backwards in my kit, compared to what actually worked. Do a few tests. I have better luck reversing the holder and driver vs the instructions. Try it both ways.
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    DB Silver Streak

    Great build, you really scored on that one with a nice collection of parts. The brakes look to be random brand, cant tell. Disassemble amd clean them up make sure theres no binding or worn parts in the pivot. Brake pads - scuff them off woth a file to get fresh material to the surface...
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    Super Spyder XL

    Does a Shimano RS help you as a donor? Came from a ross womens bike I bought from original owner, basically zero use, other than being well lubed:21:
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    Coming together nicely, wonder what the secind set of stays would have looked like bent up to meet the primary set instead of adding the flat bar. It has a nice look with them lined up, this would have triangulated it. Could fade green from bottom up to cover the maroon. Just some...
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    Juvenile Reverie

    Good lookin mock up, nice stance. Id personally move away from skip tooth unless you have some attachment to it. Throw a regular sprocket on the match the gearing you need when you decide rear hub and tooth count.
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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    . Parts need to be clean, grease free for OA to work. What issue did you have with OA? Vinegar is a good alternative. Cost more to fill a tub to submerge a frame. Citric Acid is similar to OA, need to figure why Oxalic didnt work or may have same issue. POR15. Ive sworn off the stuff, I...
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    Drag bike

    Consider a 24 rear on a schwinn type middleweight frame, larger frame than 20". Kick the fork out and either go 20" front for musclebike look, or skinny 26 or 700cc front for mototorcycle chopper look. Same applies with a 26 rear and frame. 20" frame with a stretched fork and layed back...
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    Maybe I should join bmx bo

    Looks like a fun rider, the chrome steel wheels arent great, look around for an aluminum rim or rim set. Throw a banana seat on it, mess with some people, it'll will be a wheelie machine.
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    Overcomplicated Suicide Shifters

    I welded a stub of handlebar to the top tube, used a piece of golf club shaft with an insert threaded into the end, threads match the ball on the end. Used a chrome cover, it came from a ceiling fan.