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    B I G B M X

    Sunday Model C, 24. I ride it a lot. Sounds odd, but throw an 8 or 9" bar on it for a test ride. If you like it swap the brake cable out. Unless you need the gyro, I'd ditch it and run a straight cable Is that rim dinger far enough out rhe brake pads miss it. Ive straightened some of those...
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    Where to buy cheap tires?

    Im a big fan of BMXGURU.
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    Does anyone find these offensive?

    Run them. You could put a pink heart on and someone will find a problem with it, anymore.
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    26x2.2 tires on sale Order some of these up, on sale and free t shirt. I have this tread, different brand FIT on a 20'. 65 psi max, I run about 50 psi these are great on pavement.
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    BO15 Retro Mullet Ratpacker - 90’s steel MTB // 2X9 // disc conversion // mullet bike

    I like the yeungling color scheme, if youre not confident in the fade, how about an interesting curve. Bring the paint transition to a point at the top of the top tube and either concave or convex as it wraps around the side of the tube. 3M pinstripers tape is very flexible. Great build...
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    Since youve decided to paint, are you cutting off the seat post support? SurfKlunks pic gives the frame a nice look, low. Im seeing a musclebike....fat and skinny tire with layed back post, regular seat and moustache bars or short apes. Almost a motorcyle bobber look with apes, or an old...
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    BO15 SIMPLE GREEN (the color of money)

    Go to youtube and look up Skech Art. He does these wild universe spray paint pictures, uses either glossy magazine pages or plastic bags to get the effect. Saran wrap is a good idea. See you in 3 hours, 1 hour of watching the videos, then youll run out to garage and gather up all your spray...
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    BO15 One GIANT Leap

    Follow up on OddJob's suggestion, these seats are pretty nice, I've used 2 of them. The logo comes off with acetone or carb cleaner. Pretty good price and the quilting is different. I really like this build, good vibe going. When you said older Giant - I was hoping you snagged a set of...
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    BO15 Back from the Abyss, I present; The Icarus

    Great frame, nexus hub, disc brakes on a springer. Wow. Cant wait to see more.
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    BO15 Huffy Super Fueler

    Love it, but, what is that thing. Is it a cover made for a bike wheel, or 2 caps from spinner rims / dubs / auto rims?
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    BO15 BM-Xray

    Great build, thats a really good color. Bobbed fender will look good. I have 7 and 9 year old daughters, have them both on alum frame bmx race bikes. I cant get them to bite on a "banana seat" bike build.
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    BO15 Lean Mean Green Machine

    Some ideas on paint. On a steel frame you can lay down a few colors of red and brown primer, lay the topcoat, sand thru lightly to show the primer and sand thru to steel in a few places so it will rust, hit the steel with some vinegar or acid. On an aluminum frame, lay the different colors...
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    Single wall rim to double wall rim spokes Read this. Very good tutorial, the first one that made sense to me and how I learned to lace wheels. I'd get new spokes and nipples if I bought new rims. Best part is youll be able to get rid of the goofy schwinn size rims that limit your...
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    Fixing 5/16 Front Axle Threads?

    Sounds like a good reason to buy another complete bike, pull the one part you need off and put it in the pile. That's why we have build offs - to use up the pile of spare bikes and parts. :rofl: Harbor freight has SAE 40 pc tap and die sets for $17, has 5/16-24 in it. Theyre nice to have...
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    BO15 Senseless (Formerly MS-Rat etc etc)

    With that parts list. This will be one stacked Schwinn. Post up details, this'll be a good build. Straight fork makes alot of difference in the handling. See how you like the fit once its built. I See the plan...All those parts will swap over to a different frame when one pops up...