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    Can't find a comfortable seat

    I’ve bought 3 of them online before covid. availability wasn’t consistent even then and that seemed to effect pricing. I don’t remember them being that expensive.
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    Can't find a comfortable seat

    I’m not sure what style you are looking for but I used a couple of these cruiser style that have sort of a diamond style pleat stitched into the vinyl cover with something that feels like memory foam. Has the usual springs like a lot of springer cruiser saddles do but also has a web of springs...
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    Death Trap

    This is cool. I always like the stuff you build And I’ve wanted to build a breezes look alike for a while.
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    now I gotta build a bike... (24" Speedster)

    I have a nice nos 24” bmx chrome fork if you are looking for one
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    Drum Brakes?

    I put front and rear drum on a klunker build and couldn’t get them to stop. it sits there unridden. I feel like the cables I used stretch too much
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    WANTED - Cream/White 26" Felt "QUICK BRICK" Tire(s)

    Where are you located? I have a set but right now I really don’t feel like shipping
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    Ross clunker cruiser project

    I’m gonna send you a message
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    State 650b Klunker

    That is pretty cool. I wonder how bad shipping is
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    That looks great
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    Abandoned Turnpike ride in Central PA

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    I’m kind of hoping to see some tribute stuff in the pattern. I don’t think I’d get sick of seeing it.
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    Gravel bikes

    It’s a really rigid bike. It’s light for my standards but I believe everything is heavier than road stuff. Got knobby 700c tires. Less gears. I don’t think the geometry is road bike. But I can be wrong. I was riding 20 miles on the old dirt tow path and it’s been trouble free. I did the nyc 5...
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    Gravel bikes

    I was looking for a multi use bike to do some longer rides and some mild trails. I used to mtb in the 90s all rigid. Current mtb are crazy. for me builds wind up getting carried away on $$$ so I just bought new. Got a good discount through a partnership kind of thing. I wanted green but when I...
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    BMX Style Cruiser Bars, Can I get some options Please.

    Als are nice. I have a few of them. I’m pretty sure he has made them with different back sweep. Mr. tick or tick one, makes nice klunker bars. They have a lot of back sweep. They are almost cartooney how big they are. He does a few different styles.