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    New Cruiser

    Nice grab. I was watching that on marketplace for a while, glad to see it on here now
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    Phillips stainless 26 in fenders

    If the OP no longer has them I have a set I am going to be selling.
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    I may have one. I will take a look in the morning. It is definitely a Higgins rack but I am not sure which
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    Thunder Road and bike frame: Reduced prices and inventory

    Is the blue Schwinn still available?
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    Re-introduction from Massachusetts

    I had started a build with a Worksman frame quite a few months ago. I was nearly done with it and it wasn't really fitting the image I had in my head. I sold the frame and started looking for a more complete bike that better fit my vision when I saw this bike for sale locally. 1950 JC Higgins...
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    SOLD 26" Worksman Part Out

    Did this ever sell?
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    I am in way over my head

    Thanks. It is my daughter that is really making the decision a bit more difficult. She just learned to ride a bike and is getting more adventurous. I want to try and put some together to keep up with her for a while at least.
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    I am in way over my head

    I have been following the site for a while before picking up a frame ind_chuckz in March and figured an intro post was overdue. This will be the first bike I have owned in about 26 years.I have been trying to decide if I want to go more cruiser style with it or more of an early era mountain...