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    Felt Thick Bricks set

    Let me know if this deal fall through.
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    Basman 346 "Orange Mashine", the New Style Icon ;)

    Great looking frames. Keep posting to we can all see your fine work on this.
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    Twisted Typhoon

    Great Job, One day he will understand how cool his first bike Really was.
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    New apes on Str8

    Never get tired of seeing this bike
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    1962 AMF Roadmaster Sky Rider

    Great looking Chainguard
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    26" banana seats

    If I ever get my hands on a Stright 8, will take along the same pathg as yours. No luck so far.
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    SOLD Reduced! 1958 Western Flyer X53

    Great Bike, but living in Texas way to much of a road trip.
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    'Ole Black Frankenstein - $1250

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    Electra Bicycle Pics

    Great to see him, hope he continues to get better. As great as the bike and trailer are. He makes all the pics better.
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    Electra Bicycle Pics

    One of my all time favorite bikes on ths site, Love trailer especially with the passenger.
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    Electra cruiser 1

    Way past Cool.
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    Looking forward to build thread.
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    POISON APPLE: '79 Schwinn Fair Lady Trike

    Add me to the list of people following this build, looking forward to more.
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    Rollfast Zep

    Yes, but trying to figure out how to buy another bike as single parent. Now THAT can be Futile.
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    Rollfast Zep

    Thinking, just cleared space in garage. must resist.