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    Red Baron

    Ah, actually it should go in the sub forum below and not in the FOR SALE section.
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    Of Three Minds

    You'll need to either locate a "Retro Ryders" reduced headset (currently out of stock). Or take a 1 1/8" headset and machine down the part of the bearing cup that slides into the headtube. That is basically all that the Retro Ryder headsets are. Your other option is to machine out the inside...
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    Rollin bones

    Drool worthy parts pile!
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    Of Three Minds

    That serving piece headbadge is gonna be awesome!!! Did you have to remove the headset because of length concerns or is it a 1 1/8 steertube in a headtube that was meant for a 1" steertube?
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    Build Off 16 Highlight Thread

    Gotta love this MO FATTA MO BETTA frame that @GTHOtrod has planned for Airship
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    This is gonna be awesome!!!!! MO FATTA MO BETTA
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    @Captain Awesome , yes @Skydreamer is in Savannah too. We've only met during the Midnight Garden rides that BikeSavannah used to put on, but it's time that we met up in bike building mode rather than just bike riding mode.
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    I know Tank is down in JAX this weekend, maybe sometime next weekend. We haven't seen your shop yet. I like your drawing and plan. Can't wait to see it take shape. PICTURE POSTING TIP: Select the FULL IMAGE button when you upload your pics so that we see them full size without having to click...
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    Chuck Wagon

    You really meshed those two frames together well. I like the flow so far!
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    By the way, I'm loving the flow you got going on with this one!!
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    Have you thought about flipping the other canti section you have to extend your front cantis back in an opposing curve?
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    Riff Ratt

    When I saw the canti section that you removed, This is the first thing that came to mind.
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    Need help identifying this bike

    Pretty certain that is a Schwinn. My guess is that it is pre-1948 since it doesn't match the serial numbers for 48-52. Also, the fact that it is a skiptooth indicates it would be pre-48 .
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    Monkey Shines

    Welcome to RRB and to the fun of Build Off 16!!! Awesome bike to start off with. I like the old Huffmans. PICTURE POSTING TIP: Select the FULL IMAGE button when you upload your pics so that we see them full size without having to click on the thumbnails to embiggen them.
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    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    Man, I was a couple of pages behind on your updates. Looking great. Since you are running the shifter cable down the seatstays, I am pretty sure you rotate the shifter axle housing to line up with that for a cleaner cable run? I really like the FA Seat Spring Boosters. I also like the baby moon...