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    Late 60s/early 70s Columbia Twosome

    Here are some pictures of a Columbia tandem that my aunt restored after her friend dumped it on her. Apparently this was in a yard against a garage (and mud) for as long as it was bought, plus or minus five years. Illinois weather, Chicago weather, pickled it well. Sort of recently was it hit...
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    1956 Columbia Torpedo

    Up for sale is a 1956 (to my best knowledge) Columbia Torpedo. I will gladly drive this to anyone (free of charge) within 3 hours of Chicagoland if you like this sight unseen. This bike has a Bendix lever 2-speed, ridged fenders, chainguard with oil port, and unfortunately, two rims in need of...
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    Hi from Chicago!

    Hi, I think I registered for this site before, maybe 10 years or so ago, when I purchased my first rat, a '56 Columbia Torpedo. Unfortunately, things change, and now I regrettably have to part with it. But I know it's going to be in good hands with another RRB member. Between then and now I...