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    1980 Schwinn Stingray project $95 or $125 for all (CA)

    Good morning, i'm interested in your frame MINUS the fork ($95). Unfortunately i live in Austin TX. I will gladly pay for the shipping if it isn't too inconvenient for you. You can keep the head badge and pedals. You can get a lot for that head badge is my understanding. Thank you in advance.
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    (Pics) First time buyer/ w/ ID

    Some of the obvious differences are the tires, handlebars, the seat and the lack of the tank. looking at the lighter chainguard looks to be due to inpart that the red is painted onto the chrome (i'm not an expert on the application of paint onto chrome) but checking out your other pics, thats...
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    (Pics) First time buyer/ w/ ID

    Nice find! looks great! i had the same thoughts in terms of the chainguard looking a little lighter than the frame but that could be the picture or just fading. check out the link to the catalog of an original Mark IV. its missing the tank if it indeed is a Jaguar. In any case you got a...
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    Trinidad Colorado New Chainring

    Re: Trinidad Colorado Bike "Markm is Still The Man!" Looks spectacular and we haven't seen it painted yet!! i'm so jealous/envious of you guys who can weld! the headbadge looks awesome! what are your plans for a color scheme? looking forward to your progress.
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    Redux-Finished... gift for a friend

    Re: Redux (formally I see a red bike bike...) Looking good! There's just something about black bikes, I'm a sucker for them too! i noticed you're putting on some hank slicks, how do you like them? It must ride smooth as silk! looking forward to see your wood fenders, think happy thoughts!
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    Southside Speedster

    Re: buck speedster wow, cleans up real well! just like everyone says, looks better with the green! nice head badge too!
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    Bare Metal Jacket

    Re: Bare Metal Jacket 09/11/11 Update As you can see, i'm taking my sweet lazy time working on 'bare metal jacket'. Well heres a little update, i picked up a donor bike for next to nothing. On this donor bike are a pair of black rimed wheels i couldn't pass up on that happened to come attached...
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    *Newest Addition* 1960 Schwinn Debutante

    Any progress on your build? Curious to see how the parts have worked out for you. hows the hunt for the other parts?
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    Unidentified cruiser for my wife.... aka Sweet Pea

    Re: Unidentified cruiser for my wife.... Wow! Looks great! Whats really impresses me is the paint job! is that a rattle can job or did you do pro paint or what? Excellent work, congrats!!
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    Schwinn Speedster - FINISHED!

    Sweet ride, it looks awesome!! i'm glad someone else has used bicycle wheel wharehouse! I've got at least 3 sets of wheels that i plan on ordering from them, of course in colors! the only that bums me out is that you can't pick them up at will call.
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    Name that Rollfast!

    Thanks! That some good info to know. i just found it interesting that the 2 sets of numbers were A) mirrored B) different text C) & had a funky character. Btw, all this assuming that those are serial numbers. once i get it sandblasted, i'll scope out the rest of the frame for other numbers...
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    Schwinn S/N help

    i have to agree with cman and add that for your neck of the woods (norcal) thats actually a really good price. i've noticed norcal bikes for sale on craigslist are higher than here in l.a. but theres always exceptions and you've got one there. check the entire bike for bent rear stays (look at...
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    Name that Rollfast!

    ok, i just measured and yes the holes are 1 7/8" apart along the face of the head tube. The other important piece of information that may help is that thge assumption is that it's a rollfast to begin with. i got the frame as shown, in all its rusty patina beauty! someone out there is looking at...
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    Name that Rollfast!

    Hello, my Rat Rod peeps! i just picked up a rollfast frame from a fellow member and i'm looking to get a head badge. i'd like to know a little more about this frame, like what year and possibly what model it could be. i've been looking at what ever images i can find and although i see some...
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    Bare Metal Jacket

    thanks Jake, congrats on your finished bike from the build off! ok, enuf chit chat, i gotta 'get ta buildin'!