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    Studebaker Pedal Car

    You just keep raising the bar Deven! Is the Stude' going to be driveable by your kiddo too? I'm also curious: 1. Which car has tighter turning radius, Prius or The Hybrid Studebaker? 2. Will the Prius also get the same conversion one day? I've always admired the old Studebakers and until...
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    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    These are the pictures from seller's ad. The seller was a flipper I know, so I traded a freebie Raleigh I had. A rummage thru my li'l parts bin, a bit of grease and BLO and we're on the road in style and comfort. The original hoops are so sweet and sweaty that they will await a multi speed...
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    Front wheel hard to remove on Raleigh Sports...

    I've experienced Raleigh bikes that had flattened axle sides that would glide in/out of the slot with ease on angle. The one I recollect was drum brake, but Sturmey just the same. Possible oversight as it was when I first cursed and arm wrestle mine upon meeting?
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    Show your Black and White photos

    The Colson 'Rowdy'
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    AMF Daytona

    There are only 6 degrees (or letters as it were) of separation between the Homely and the Comely! This bike is already six degrees hotter!
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    Bamboo Frame-Set

    TIKI enough I think. I've always appreciated your builds for keeping them tastefully done without going over the top. I'm sure you know these tags are abundant with many years and colors available. I'm liking your mock ups and looking forward to seeing the evolution.
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    Hi RRB community. Introduction + photo's

    Hi Bart, If and when I get my hands on the VanMoof, I suspect it will need a little tidying. The bike has lived outside under covered shelter and not been ridden in a few years. Of course the lights in frame are not working. My friend is a very large man who has not ridden it as much as he...
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    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    It looks like a Gas. I'd bet you tOILed on it a quite a while. The GasterCaster! Cool!
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    Hello to everyone

    Welcome mate!
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome Charlie, nice fleet there. Is it time to show 7,8,9,10 yet?
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    Jude the newbie

    Welcome Jude. Large variety of nuts here, so get cracking. White bird is a fine specimen. Look forward to your +1 build.
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    Meet Matti

    Okay Matti, Get to Toronto, bring a pocket full of loonies and I'll get ya all set up with winter projects. Sorry I waited until it snowed before I bought this up. If you don't have loonies, bring a guitar or two to leave behind.
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    New Builder from Shelby Intro

    Shelby's Rock. Welcome. I don't have any at the moment, but really enjoyed the ones I had.
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    Newbie Intro

    Hi Biff, Welcome. I think member Kingfish posted a thread on this site about getting around the Photobucket issues. I'm no techy, but a search of the topic should lead you in the right direction.
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    Hi RRB community. Introduction + photo's

    Welcome Bart. Great intro and an awesome collection. I currently have a Kronan and 1970s Raleigh low gravity bike among my European section. I'm going to try to pry a neglected VanMoof from my lazy friend's hands soon. I hope I spot some of your upcoming projects.