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    My build - Gassy Gary

    She lives once again. Runs a bit rough right now but I'm sure that'll clear up after break-in. Also the rear wheel has a couple busted spokes, so I'm debating whether to spend the money to get it fixed or just wait until I have all the parts together for the Sturmey wheel. I gotta say, though...
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    How to get started with ebike build?

    Yeah, I bought one of the rear wheels for my gas bike build and it was the same story: just thrown into a bag. Mine wasn't missing as many parts though, so I guess it's just luck of the draw as far as that goes. They were also nice enough to include about four inches of brake cable that they'd...
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    My build - Gassy Gary

    Also I scored one of the Jump Bike wheels from Jag35. I was actually wanting this same exact setup for this build, for a better ratio spread, a stronger chain, and better brakes than the rim brake that's on it, so I couldn't afford not to buy it when I saw them come up. At least that's what I...
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    My build - Gassy Gary

    Okay, question for you guys. I got a whole lighting system ready to go on as soon as it's making noise again, but I'm stuck between two headlight setups. Either one will just be holders for the same LED lights, so I'm just concerned about aesthetics. First one is this little moped light. I...
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    My build - Gassy Gary

    I'll film something once it's running. One time I got it to about 30 in fifth, and didn't have the intestinal fortitude to go any higher.
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    Why I like 2 sets of brakes ...

    See also: Why I like to change my cables on a semi-regular basis
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    My build - Gassy Gary

    Yep, windowed piston and reed valve. Also got a modded KTM CDI with adjustable timing curve. Excited to finally fire it up and see how hard it rips. It is. Here's some photos that should show the setup better. The blue thing in the middle of the chainrings is a freewheel so they can spin...
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    Built this today

    Elegance in simplicity. I dig it. A couple suggestions, depending on how invested you want to get into it: -From my own experience, riding one of these without a front brake can get sketchy. You could get a new wheel with a drum brake and not have to weld or braze anything onto your fork...
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    My build - Gassy Gary

    This is probably sacrilege to a couple of you klunker fans, so I apologize in advance. Not long ago, I got this sad old Gary Fisher and wanted to give it a second lease on life. And this is what I came up with: It was a blast, but I could never quite get over the aesthetics. It just...
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    Any other quality bicycle motors?

    You can get a kit to bolt a Minarelli top end onto a China Girl.
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    Drum Brakes?

    I was actually planning on getting this exact hub for my motorbike build, and here's an entire wheel for a third of what the hub alone would cost. I hate you for posting this and making me spend money.
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    Greetings from California

    Hey guys! Normally my thing is wrenching on cars, but lately I've been getting into bikes as well. (Mostly because they're a lot less expensive.) As such, I'm fairly new to the scene, and this seemed like a neat place to learn and get ideas. Here's my current project, a USA-made 1997 Gary Fisher...