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    American Flyer Skiptooth

    i think the fastback snyder built bike used the collet type seat post clamps in 1936.I have 37 rollfast same frame as yours same chainring seatpost has a clamp also have a hawthorne girls 36 that has collet seat post very cool bike
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    SOLD Seat Post & Goose Neck Lot

    pm ed
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    26 inch peaked/gothic Elgin front fender

    May have higgins front peaked how wide and long yours goes under fork ? or the one with the hole that slides down from top . Mike
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    Hawthorne crankset skiptooth

    still available ?
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    SOLD Thanksgiving Day Special

    pm will take it if you still have it
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    SOLD Project

    interested in bike mike from dunedin would not need to ship call me 7277910484 or message me cash or paypal fine with me