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    BO15 Get Ready for Bed!

    Been wanting to build one of these for a while, looking forward to watching this happen!
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    Build Off 15 Prize Pool

    I still have not finished yours for last year!
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    What Does Your VIEW look like?

    That is what I thought this thread would be too! :21: Here ya go:
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    BO15 Too Forking Forksome

    Oh no! I suspect a butter knife style incident incoming! Just no bunnies or shocked koalas OK?
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    BO15 Radarlux Space-Cadet

    This is looking awesome!
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    BO15 The Kwaka

    HuffNPuff build incoming!
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    BO15 32" Motorbike

    Very cool progress!
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    BO15 Free For All

    Very cool! Some very nice welds there. Looks like Steve got you sorted out with the thread move to class 2. :wink1:
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    HiggiShelbSchwinnWesternFlyerJet Rat!

    Shiny! :13:
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    hey. from north carolina

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    Trike drive wheel

    I think it usually depends on where you live in the world. Trikes in Britain tend to run the opposite to USA trikes, I think it has something to do with pulling away from the kerb.
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    BO15 CyberCYCO

    Solid bronze neck? I think that is a first for the build-off...