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    No leaks. This came off a 50’s straight bar: Length Tip to tip: 22” Width: 4.25” Tall: 3.25” Knob gas plug included 95$ shipped

    0543F502-A013-4EFD-A8F4-7427F931E7D7.jpeg 1D09497E-E1D0-4602-931E-617A20913B17.jpeg 5B0BA751-E09C-47ED-BEAA-F115335CF714.jpeg 6D605E56-F988-45F5-976C-4A6F4E90FB18.jpeg 40BFFA2F-C157-4CDA-B02E-C7611DA8732B.jpeg Nov 19, 2019 at 7:51 AM