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    non bicycle bike items

    New Departure acually did bearings for a lot of things than just bicycles. My dad's 57 Apache, the front wheel bearings and races were New Departure
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    Upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina

    NSCCC North/South Carolina Cycle Club? name ideas!
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    Was drag racing really that big?

    Gassers!! Frontend jacked- metal flaked monsters. my dad has one and the South East (U.S.) has the most in the entire country... I love gassers
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    Thought this was cool

    Burn'em Down! belt driven too, but look at the headlight on that!
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    Thought this was cool

    OG MC burn outs..... the look on the mans face completes the picture Gettin' down with it :cool2:
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    Since last seen...

    Its been a while since I have updated the bike here, but I have added many things and one major piece to the bike. Added a trailer, pinstriping (real, by hand pinstriping) and accents, a fully working light set, and a few other pieces. And my roadies made the cut: mid 70's...
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    Bonding Steel to Aluminum

    Bolt it? lol :21:. Epoxy really works well with plastics, because it bonds them together, but I have never tried with steel and aluminum. I know 3M is top quality stuff, so anything to try would be it.
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    27 on a 26

    Tried something similar to this. I have an old AMF scorcher (26 in)and had to run a 27 rear rim for a short time, but the rear pads didnt reach no matter what :headbang:. If you have this problem, you could build a bracket for the brake caliper :39:.
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    newbie here from columbia, sc

    Welcoming from the upstate!
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    Finding stuff while riding

    there are those bb guns/pistols that use co2 and kids posibly shooting the guns around?
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    Upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina

    CBC Carolina Bike Club? North and South Carolina?
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    Generator Issues

    Yes, the power and ground were both making contact and the multi-meter never ever showed any change in current or resistance
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    Generator Issues

    I have a mid-70s AMF scorcher light set and generator off the fully riding bike (full light set and aluminum rear rack)...which I got for free :rockout:. I know the rear light works and the rear light wiring is great (this bike sat outside for almost 12 years), but the generator isnt putting out...
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    Wheel Idea

    Yes copper plating, but couldnt you just do a few clear coats and keep it from tarnishing?