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    Murray Astro Flite

    Never knew that about the seatposts, very cool!
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    Schwinn Cruiser 5

    Figured I'd post this one as is before I modify it a good deal in the next week. This has been my daily commuter and touring bike for the last ~2 years. I'm sure I've put hundreds of miles on it as I've been living car free during that time. I've been running a Bendix red band single speed...
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    Rack for sale

    Yep, I can see it now. Not quite what I was looking for but thanks for fixing the image. Good luck with the sale!
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    Rack for sale

    Hi Chuck, picture isn't working for me.
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    Schwinn b10e frame $300

    His stuff usually sells fast, so judging by the date it was posted I would guess it's not.
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    1960 Sonic Flyer Part Out. Chrome wheels/fenders

    Hi, does the Komet hub have an oil port on it? Some of them did, some didn't. Thanks! - Kyle
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    BMX Style Cruiser Bars, Can I get some options Please.

    If you would have any interest in selling it, I've been looking for one for a while.
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    Shimano 3CC sadness

    Just going to chime in and say that I have also successfully overhauled these and it's probably the easiest 3 speed I've ever overhauled. And contrary to the comment above I have done centuries on it. The bike shop that told you it wasn't serviceable was probably mistaking it for one of the...
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    '64 Schwinn Hornet Strandie

    Where did you get the handlebars?
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    Malibu Hopper build (pre-powder coat)

    I'll try to see if I can get some outdoor pics later; the paint really shines in the sun.
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    Malibu Hopper build (pre-powder coat)

    I've had this done for years now, just never got around to posting it. Figured I should get it posted now as I got a pair of his and hers Schwinn Cruiser 5's over the weekend and I'll probably end up moving alot of these parts over to the 'his' bike. I've put alot of miles on this build, done...
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    Cleaning the herd

    Pretty sure I'm interested in the KHS. Any idea if the frame is cro-mo?
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    Shimano 3cc hub

    Looking for one or more Shimano 3cc hubs, preferably with shifter and bell crank assembly. Thanks! - Kyle
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    Elegant/classy BMX stems?

    Honestly, it's a combination of looks and the rise that they provide. One thing I did not realize until Chuy chimed in here is that what I *really* like is not BMX bars so much as old motocross bars. My first BMX bars were the aforementioned Nitto B708. I've put in a lot of time finding a...
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    Elegant/classy BMX stems?

    Hey late reply as things have been crazy but thank you much. I haven't been able to get my hands on the MTS 101 but I settled for the similar MTS 100 and then bought some repop enduro bars, chopped 2 inches off and I am ecstatic, this is a beautiful combo. Didn't realize from the pictures that...