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    Take apart an old disc brake

    That caliper is wicked cool. The outside half would look great detailed.
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    26" BMX Handlebars with more back sweep

    Not to steer off topic, but how do you like those Schwalbe Big Apples?
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    Schwinn OCC StingRay 3-Speed hub

    The parts should be exactly what I need. I noticed that not only are the rotor adapters out of stock, LOTS of other stuff is too. Is this common with the website?
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    Schwinn OCC StingRay 3-Speed hub

    Jim Wilson from says the adapter he sells for taking the freewheel sprocket off the rear hub on a single speed OCC is the same thread but having both hubs at hand to measure with my dial calipers (Starrett brand, very accurate), I have to question that. Unless I'm measuring the...
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    Schwinn OCC StingRay 3-Speed hub

    is this from the website?
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    Schwinn OCC StingRay 3-Speed hub

    I thought of that and I measured the freewheel sprocket journal on a spare single speed OCC StingRay because I'll aware that Jim Wilson at Pedalchopper has a threaded adapter for those. It appears to be about .125" bigger in diameter. I'll contact him since he's likely experienced with this...
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    Schwinn OCC StingRay 3-Speed hub

    I just picked up a 3-speed Schwinn OCC Sting Ray and would like to add a disc brake to the left (opposite the chain cog). Since the factory 3-speed OCC choppers use rim brakes, there are no brake parts on the hub itself. Amazingly, this hub (SX-RB3) is designed for a BAND brake! While I'm sure...
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    Covid Bike Boom Cooling Off?

    Add survivor, barn fresh, barn find, extremely rare...ect, all words designed to add "value" to an otherwise unremarkable and common item.
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    Cannibal on a budget was sold due to lack of storage space. On to something else.
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    SOLD Polished 26”x67mm 100/135mm 3 spd Sturmey Disc

    Are these still available?
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    Cannibal on a budget

    I did finally score one of these. It's a well kept 2004 3-speed in medium metallic blue. I like it but it's too nice to cut up and kind of a pain to ride because it's got that "chopper flop" in the front end. I bought it for a decent price, so when the weather breaks next spring, I'll probably...
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    Cannibal on a budget

    *Update* found one and bought it.
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    Chopper bars

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a set of handlebars from the Roadmaster built Sportster bicycle they're willing to part with? I want them for a Nirve Cannibal and they need to be 7/8" on the knurl in the middle.
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    Girvin Suspension Forks 1" Tube

    *Bump* Did they sell...YAY or NAY?
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    Cannibal on a budget

    I'm smitten by the Nirve Cannibal/Switchblade bikes but can't afford to be bitten by the price. I'm not keen to lay out several hundred dollars for a new bicycle and then start cutting on it. After much searching, I found this. Probably made on the same production line as the Nirve bikes...