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    tomahawk kustom

    Killer sled :) one ...... scooter...yesireee...
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    Re: early bicycle photos Man!-some mighty cool stuff!...keep rollin' vintage!
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    1/2 PINT

    VERRRY COOL!!! good one Bro...
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    Re: early bicycle photos Very cool pics!!!
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    My Last Rat Rod....

    Cant believe its the same bike...!
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    65 schwinn corvette 2

    Looks good-Nice chaingaurd!
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    the rowdy red dingo (pics now up)

    Nice rig!!!
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    First mock-up of my "rad-tracker"..

    Re: First mock-up of my boardtracker.. Looks cool! Send updates when you can...
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    Booze Crooze #3 (Pics)

    NICE!! wish I rolled with ya!!!..
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    New Guy from TN

    Know that Schwinn one myself(beyond your wildest thoughts)...we'll get through this... MPWI
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    Much killer!
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    SO. Cal. riders

    Never did Mission Bay on the 4th...but me an the crew crushed hard more than once,in Zooport...madness!!!
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    Oldschool never gets old...

    You got some killer rigs...
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    SO. Cal. riders

    Anyone like to roll their rigs down @ Newport/Huntington under the big bright yellow sweet summer sun? Lots of pretty scenery and cool watering holes when you get thursty...
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    Getting feet wet

    Just landed in ratrod world...I'll admit it stright up,I'm addicted to early Schwinn and anythjng related.Nice to see people as sick as me...