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    front wheel drive action

    sounds good ill see what i can find:)
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    front wheel drive action

    ya as i was rolling around the driveway i realized i probably shouldn't go too fast lol its pretty squerly although once i get the gearing right and the handlebars nice and tight it should be better oh do you know of a way to mount the handle bars in the seat post spot can i use like a collar...
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    front wheel drive action

    so here's an update no pics tho... i got the kick stand cut off and a chain on i tried a super high gear to start like 14 out of 15 and it just twisted up moved my handle bars even(might not have been tight enough tho) so ya when you pedal it tries to turn. so i dropped to 8th gear and that...
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    front wheel drive action

    I'm not sure when i sit on it my knee is around the top of the head-tube so it doesn't feel as fowardy(if that's a term) as i thought it would but ill let you know when I try ;)
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    front wheel drive action

    hi guys a couple months ago i asked about head angle for a bike i had cut in half and was welding back together well i got a friend to do the welding :D and now here it is well almost the kick stand keeps the crank from turning so i need to cut that in half and i think my knees will hit my...
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    head tube angle question

    hi guys i have a bit of an update friend of mine said he'd weld it up :D so my next question is is it ok to leave assembled or even have the cranks flipped already or do i need to pull it all to be sure nothing arcs and sticks together? (if that could/would happen) thanks in advance :)
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    head tube angle question

    ya i figured as much with the derailleur do you think the springs would be strong enough to lift the chain if mounted upside down i know the tension would be on the bottom chain so you wouldn't want to have it just mounted on the bottom anyway so as far as steering the angle shouldn't matter...
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    head tube angle question

    ok so lets see if this works :) there we go half a bike with a little bike with big fork on it from the other side the idea would be to cut off the fork-ends and rotate the fork to meet with the seat tube to make the proper BB spacing and head angle
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    head tube angle question

    hi guys ill try to post some pics of what im talking about tonight but ill start asking now I was wanting to build a penny fake thing so i cut a mtn bike I got for parts a while ago in half (chopped the front off) then i realized why make the back leg when i can use a little kids bike and...
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    Stewart Warner Floating Hub

    that's cool it looks like its offset? so it would be like using drop-spindals on the front of your car?
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    Bike "fit" in regards to design

    180s? are you referencing crank length? if so I'm guessing it really is a personal preference to what works best there? and what ends up being comfortable
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    WINTER BUILD OFF: ~irRATional~ Fe2O3

    how big are they? if there the size they are on my screen could u use them for big handle bar caps? maybe if u used horn style bars so they hook forward and the skulls are facing forward
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    Firestone Stretch

    with this one it looks like you could put a deck on the top bar to stand on ad really tall handle bars it would be like an adult scooter maybe with smaller wheels to get the bottom of the "bike" close to the ground :) it looks sweet tho :D
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    Saying Goodbye To The Bike Hobby

    some times, unless you just cleaning the bikes up to sell them, people will expect to pay more for a customized bike. so for example you buy a kids bike for free to $5 clean it up ask 10 peeps will be well there's nothing special, however if you get the same bike paint it a random color and...
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    Bi-polar Vortex

    maybe a front wheel drive bike? or a swing bike those are my guesses :) edit based on the name maybe both?