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    Knife buildoff challenge

    Whoa! Y’all are on a deep philosophical dive here, fellas. I’m just trying to figure out how those Opinels carved their own handles on page 7. Come On guys. Keep it light around here!
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    Knife buildoff challenge

    That snare is Ba-Ute-Tee-Full!
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    Knife buildoff challenge

    My brain was getting dull just thinking about a knife pun so I’m gonna fold. but I am considering this build challenge. I need to get back home and consider a re-build of old vs. buy new blank. y’all have a merry Christmas
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    Schwinn Tandem

    They only two days that you’ll enjoy having that.
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    Huge explosion

    I found the news story. U must live way, way up there.
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    Hobby money

    That’s it, man. Prop those girls up and prepare them to conquer the world.
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    Splinter removal

    Oh wordy stories. This is going downhill fast. I had a bump on my nose one time that hurt like real bad for couple of days. Finally messed with it with tears in my eyes cuz it hurt so bad and found that it was a nose hair that had grown the wrong direction THRU my nose. Told u this was going...
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    Splinter removal

    Brings back memories of when riding bike thru Texas woods, I got a thorn in the scalp and it broke off, leaving the tip pretty deep. Wife couldn’t get it, Care-now couldn’t get it for $30. Two days later, that thing popped out under some pressure. Crazy what the body can do.
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    State 650b Klunker

    The handlebars look like something pulled off a kids bike. Those gotta go.... Otherwise, I’d ride it.
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    Jamis Boss

    Made some small changes
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    Phantom Menace (aka, the Layoff Special II)

    Re-lace! Don’t replace. it’s a journey, not a race. start saving money, just in case.
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    How do you deal with the big fat tires

    I would go with V brakes cuz you are halfway there and said that you could braze. However I don’t have experience with a motorized build so don’t know about stopping power needed there.
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    Rusted chain salvage.

    Don’t use vinegar!! Even though horsefarmer says he has had good results- Don’t do it!!! It only took my 1” pitch chain 12 hrs to completely fall apart in vinegar. it was perfectly functional too- just a little rusty.
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    Repair or Trash SUMO Bike Rim

    I’ve done both-cleaned up old spokes and bought new. Effort-I’d buy new. Original Equipment value-there’s little in my opinion, I’d buy new. Take this opportunity and get some different color nipples while u r at it.
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    RatRod skateboard!

    That’s a thick slice of awesome with gravy. thank you sir