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    AMF Renegade decals

    1965 chain guard decal, has the AMF triangle in it as well. I haven't seen any available, I guess no repops. Does anyone have a high quality pic of the chain guard with the decal? I could try making a digital pic if I have a quality snap shot. And what the heck is on the forks as far as a decal...
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    AMF 'Renegade 5'

    Where can you find Renegade decals? Especially the chain guard?
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    AMF Renegade question . . .

    I assume there were generic wheels being used by the low end manufacturers.
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    AMF Renegade question . . .

    I am building an Esso renegade. What type of wheels did AMF use on their Renegades? I know 20", but I need to buy some . so a generic wheel? same as Huffy or?? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Esso Amf renegade tiger bike

    If you contact me, I'd be interested in buying it, for the right price.
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    BTR frame build . .

    Since I had the stock fork I started to modify it. I cut about an inch off the bottom including the dropouts. I then cut some steel and made my own dropout, offsetting the wheel more forward, as well as lowered. I will build a truss for this as well. If I don't like it, oh well.
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    BTR frame build . .

    That is cool looking. Where do you find those pieces? I looked on ebay, saw nothing.
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    BTR frame build . .

    I guess I was originally thinking about building a fork like this one.
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    BTR frame build . .

    I just looked it up, very vintage/cool looking . .hmmmm
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    BTR frame build . .

    I'll have to google that because I am ignorant of that fork you are talking about :)
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    BTR frame build . .

    I added the other bar. Still deciding on forks . . . I want the front lower to bring the upper bar parallel to the ground. Would like to kick the front tire out to do this. Ideas?
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    BTR frame build . .

    I'm car restorer, motorcycle guy . . but bikes are interesting to me. I have built few. I decided to build a BTR, something that looks like it is from the 1920s I guess. So I started with a Huffy dual cantilever frame and started cutting. At this point only the rear section is still the...
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    Show me your 2005/2006 Schwinn MantaRay ... =New_Manta
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    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    I Like that MantaRay !! Looks like the rear wheel from an OCC . .very interesting.
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    ....Springer Fork