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    Trailmate bmx

    that trail mate as seen on the museum was a special model back when TrailMate was attempting a serious, short lived, experiment in BMX. We are all familiar with the crappy model the DeSoto by trail mate, (sad tuba) I reluctantly bought a late 70's 26" BMX cruiser made by trail mate, the odd...
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    There is a diamondback tailwhip bashguard frame on the bmxmuseum facebook page, just posted 90...

    There is a diamondback tailwhip bashguard frame on the bmxmuseum facebook page, just posted 90 dollars, member Jake Evans. I told you I'd let you know if one came up
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    Looking For Someone To Weld Aluminum

    You need a AC tig welder. Try your local college and see if the welding shop teacher will do it. If not it would be better to buy a wide hub rather then pay shop fees to do it, hubs need to be exact, thats why they are machined.
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    Looking for 79 Schwinn Tornado BMX/MX parts

    Wrong forum, try the wanted forum. You are in the vintage bmx forum, tornados are not bmx bikes
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    I voted for #1 the 16" bruce bike. My son went crazy for that one. I liked it alot too. Also #25, and #80 are of my tastes and liking.
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    Attaching a sail on a bike? (THINK TANK)

    Haha, darwin award, awesome. I would think the sail should be proportionate to the speed, but then the wind speed should be noted. The trike idea is cool
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    Sun Crusher

    This bike looks better than the mongoose beast. Id actually buy a sun bike like this one.
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    Attaching a sail on a bike? (THINK TANK)

    Ive been thinking, what if you removed the cranks and chain then used a saul to propel the bike down the road. Could it be done. How could it be made? Bicycle rolling resistance and sail size? ....feel free to chime in on this disscussion.
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    X amount of posts before accessing for sale?

    Yeah. I agree with cman. While there are alot of positive responses from new sellers, it is hard to trust the guy that comes to the site asking 900 for a pre war frame, no paypal. On the other hand ive been grifted by a member with alot of + feedback, glad that guys not here anymore. In closing...
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    Mongoose Beast Fat Bike build and ideas

    That red one looks great
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    Show our ODD & wierd bike frames. stock or custom

    Unusual frame designs and tell us what it is if its a stock frame your posting.
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    2013 Moongoose Kos Kruizer - Your Opinion

    I have one in the box. They look pretty nice from what I can see. I have the xhrome one. Mongoose is supposed to be returing back to bike stores this summer, so watch for a full chr-mo kos limited edition frame and fork to areive in bike stores msrp 400.00
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    Ross Prices ????

    That guy at bbc bikes is a nostalgic bike collector that owns several shops in the area. He lists those prices as an attempt to say "If anybody is stupid enought to pay that, then im selling it and buying another", that is a direct quote from the guy himself. So yeah he never actually sells...
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    1991 Haro Extreme

    Ive been collecting, odd and unusual mtb parts from 1990ish and have decided on using a haro extreme with girvin forks as well. Pretty cool seeing you had the same idea.
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    Hey new guy, wrong forum to post your ads. Checkout the wanted section