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    It's not all that old but it's old to me. Paramount PDG30 mid 90's. It originally had a rigid front fork but it was bent and not able to be bent back safely. I didn't want a suspension fork but it was the only 1-1/8" fork I had. I'm still planning on racing with it for this upcoming XC season...
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    Day one on a single speed build

    I say leave it cause those Fuji decals are awesome not to mention that color. I'd maybe think about tossing a bigger chain ring or you'll be pedaling like crazy with that setup. Great if you have a lot of hills but normal riding will get tiring after a block. Granny's in their hoverounds will be...
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    My first fixie

    If you thread on a freewheel it's considers a single speed but if you thread on a cog then it's a fixie. Just because it's only one speed doesn't make it a fixie. Cool build so far.
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    Brooks Saddles

    Their still handmade in the UK like they have been for over 100 years. What other company can say that. Not just the higher end models but every single saddle. I've got two Brooks. A '81 Professional on my '73 Raleigh Competition and a B67 on my wife's Bottecchia mixte. I try to pick them up...
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    I'm voting for the white walls. The gums may of came on the bike originally but they just don't flow with the bike. It's the saddle that kills the gums.
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    Spaceliner Before & Half After

    I would of did a Oxalic Acid bath. Just let it sit for a day and no rubbing or scrubbing. You'd be really surprised.
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    Covering a single speed in handlebar tape.

    I dunno how good for the frame if it ever got wet. It would hold a lot the water in next to the frame and kind of waste of bar tape? Just my .02
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    Ride of my life-The story of the bicycle

    I don't think you saw all of it if it's just four parts. I downloaded from Youtube and have it on my Ipod and it's seven parts. Maybe you found a version of it just made into four but you might want to double check. Very cool video as I've watched it uncountable times.
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    Future Klunker Project

    Sunrace makes a nice mini group kit that is Klunker worthy. You just need any freewheel mtb wheelset. You could braze on some cantilever bosses and be all set. Otherwise just do a single sprocket up front and gears in the back to simply things. I would do something small like a lucky seven...
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    One of My First Resto's

    My most favorite Schwinn's were the 80's road bikes. That turned out really nice.
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    Thinking of building a Pashley-alike

    I would skip on that saddle like Cman said. Not to mention those things are kinda long. I've picked up a B67 for my wife's bike and it felt amazing. It's kind of wide though for a road like stance if your going to use those North Road style handlebars. I'd probably go with a B17 but if you want...
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    Brooks Saddles

    I've got two Brooks saddles but picked them up used. I've got a Brooks Pro with the hand pounded copper rivets and a B67 I picked up for on my wife's bike. So I can't say how they are new. I've heard nightmares about how long they take to break in. My Pro is from 81 and it's still pretty stiff...
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    I read up on there and another forum quite a bit before dropping the loot on one. There really isn't any bad I read about them besides someone saying my was so and so grams heavier then what it stated. But durability and quality and fit were great. I didn't build it up as I don't have alot of...
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    Frame Addition Options W/O a Welder?

    Ummm what about brazing? No welder needed and it's got a pretty long and good reputation. lol. Just pick up a bottle of MAP gas and torch head. It's fully capable of building a complete frame with it and some brazing rods. There's quite a few videos on Youtube of guys building complete frames...
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    What's the story with the padded duct tape grips on the C'dale?