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    EMORY Beach 'N Streets

    Amazing!!!! :43:
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    I’m new, I’m new, I don’t know what to do.

    Welcome, create a thread in the "BUILDS" section and post photos with specific questions. The folks here on the forum should be able to help out.
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    less and less

    Not to break up the E-Bike conversation in the site traffic thread, but... :bigsmile: Another contributing factor is the weather. This site always slows down during the winter months because many of the members live in locations with snow and freezing temps. Things usually pick back up again...
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    less and less

    We're all out buying ammo now instead. :bigsmile:
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    Knife buildoff challenge discussion

    Testing image attachment...
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    Picture upload

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    Picture upload

    Yep...something is broken. Will have to submit a ticket to see what's going on. Thanks!
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    2000 Orange Heavy Duti

    Great color combo!
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    Was the completion date changed?

    Sorry folks...three of us in my family including me are battling Covid right now. I have no issue with moving the deadline back if that's what people want. I told @CRASH to contact @Captain Awesome directly to work out the details. Thanks!
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    Submission to request add an extra emoji to the react button.

    I'm an Art Director for a Christian Non-Profit organization with moderate staff so I have to do most of the design work. :)
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    Submission to request add an extra emoji to the react button.

    Thanks @Verrt for the link to the how-to page. :41: I started a new Art Director job a year ago that has me super busy these days so any extra help from forum member for this kind of thing is appreciated. :wink1:
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    Submission to request add an extra emoji to the react button.

    Looks like it may be hard baked into the forum template. I wasn't able to find any settings that would allow me to change that menu. :confused:
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    BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

    Had these three out on Saturday
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    Matched pair of New Departure hubs $750

    Not everybody can see that. Better post pics in the thread
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    Filmmaker Todd Huffman of Pipeline Digital Media just published a new mini documentary film on Gary Turner's Monoshock build from the 70s. Todd reached out and asked for permission to use some footage of a Yamaha Moto-Bike I had at one point and it made its way into the work stand is...