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    Reject ball end grips for sale (still nice tho) $11 shipped

    Got any rejected red clay colored or green ones?
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    SOLD *Discount* B17 Brooks Saddle seat Apple Green on card

    Still around thursday ill take it
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    Girvin Suspension Forks 1" Tube

    This sell?
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    Found in my garage

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    Black Quick Bricks Felt frame & fork with Misc. Items

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    New guy from WI

    Welcome to the forum from a wisconsin guy. Where in Wisconsin do you reside?
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    Worksman Trike - rear axle bearing replacement

    You can use a long wooden dowel to punch them out then use a rubber mallet to smack them back in
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    1978 Murray KING KAT - Class 1

    Does that wd 40 cleaner degreaser work better then simple green?
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    1978 Murray KING KAT - Class 1

    Since no one asked i will why did you use two different rust removal chemicals?
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    REDUCED nos 2 speed bendix hub plus

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    A Guy In Appleton, Wi.

    Welcome from fellow wisconsite. Ive got a couple buddies up there.