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    Drag bike

    @hamppea one of the pics you posted that is now gone was very much in line with what I have in mind. I love the stance on your build, I'm just hoping to avoid the speed wobble by actually raking the forks.
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    Drag bike

    Ever since I was a kid trying to customize bikes, "more longer more better" was the rule for handlebars and forks and chrome is king. Over the past year or so I've been accumulating parts for a dream bike. I still haven't picked a frame for it but I am going to try to use these parts on it...
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    ᕲᗩᗩᗩᘉᘜᘿᖇ ᖇᓰᕲᘿ

    I love the stance on this, very drag bike/chopper.
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    ᕲᗩᗩᗩᘉᘜᘿᖇ ᖇᓰᕲᘿ

    I like the bike on the right, it's a lot like something I want to try.
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    Donkey Kong Loves Dubstep

    I'm not sure how practical it would be, but it might look more "donkish" if you extended the dropouts down rather than back. Going back tends to cancel out the height gain visually.
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    Not this build off, but I have been collecting parts for a build. So far I have failed to complete 2 build offs. I might try the MBBO this winter if they hold it.
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    BO15 No Gas Money

    That looks like a Bell helmets logo under that tape. So it's a Bell bell that won't be a bell?
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    Great build and an incredible workspace. I think we might be neighbor-ish. I live in the ROCK 107 listening area too.
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    BO15 Cyrus the Virus

    When you said white I instantly thought of the 60's vintage panel paint jobs. This is going to be sharp.
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    BO15 Carcass

    Try screwing in one of the bottom bracket cups. The cups should tighten in the direction you pedal for forward motion. The right side cup should tighten in a clockwise direction, left side in a counter clockwise direction, just like pedals. The right side cup usually has a fixed flange, the left...
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    BO15 Papa's ride

    I love the bucket light too. Maybe if you could mount the light lower, something like this:
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    BO15 Radarlux Space-Cadet

    I love the lights and fins. This build is all over the place temporally, late 50's futuristic Caddy wings with modern CNC turned aluminum bits on an art deco frame. It's imagined past futures meeting the present. o_O
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    BO15 Coke krate

    Where do you get your waterslide decals? Do you have them custom made or are there enough people restoring those bikes that they are readily available?
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    BO15 High Plains Drifter (The Finish Line)

    I love your build so far. Have you considered using threaded inserts (see here) rather than T-nuts? T-Nuts are designed to be on the other side of the wood where tightening will pull them into the wood. The way you have them installed they will tend to pull out as you tighten the bolt. Threaded...