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    Emory Bikes! just launched. Super cool US made cruisers!
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    Schwinn cruiser 6 (made in hungary) Show me your cruiser

    I've got a set of Hungarian S2's if anyone is interested.
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    1980 Schwinn Lime green beach cruiser 26 inch S2 bike

    How is it original when it's been painted recently?:oops:
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    S&S strandie build.

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    King Sting

    Hey DP I had the frame painted white by an auto body shop. It was a NOS frame that was primered. I agree have seen a few white ones over the years, but official documents just reference the colors you mentioned. Hope that helps!
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    Coast to Coast Colson

    tell us about the rear brake set up. Very cool!
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    SOLD Schwinn Bolt On Cantilever Set

    Location: NC Price: $60 shipped Schwinn bolt on cantilever brakes. New Old Stock pads installed.
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    Old Bike

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    Old Bike

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    Old Bike

    Old Schwinn :) K&N Handlebars Tange Headset Ashtabula Stem Takagi BMX crankset Solid aluminum 13/16 post Ideale 303 saddle The World headbadge Schwinn 9/16 rat traps Heavy Duty spokes Bendix Coaster NOS Carlisle knobbies Hunt Wilde Grips
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    1979 Schwinn Spitfire Decal Set

    Looking for a 1979 Schwinn Spitfire Decal Set. Waterslide or vinyl OK. Thanks!
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    1980 Schwinn Cruiser transformation

    Those look like Sidewinder forks. They should have a date stamped on one of the dropouts. The date will usually include the month of March.
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    SOLD Schwinn prewar for sale

    PM sent
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    1968 24” Schwinn Typhoon

    Yes they are original to the bike!
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    1968 24” Schwinn Typhoon

    Location: NC Price: $150 shipped to lower 48 1968 Schwinn 24” Coppertone Typhoon Rat! Just add chain and go!