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    Dyno Bikes and Parts

    Interested in mooneye seat. Pm if the other two pass....... ron
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    Shipping a Bike across the US

    I have used Bikefights(uses UPS) and Shipbikes(uses FedEx) for shipping Bikes, Wheels and Parts. A whole bike in a BikeBox from your Bike Shop average dimensions are 54x29x9 and say 60lbs cost like $70-90 to ship from Virginia to California.
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    MAX Wedge

    These are what the Felt 5-Star Hubs look like.
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    If someone wants these and the seller will not ship, i might have a friend who would pick it up, pack it and take to the ups store. You pay the $200 plus $80 for his gas and time. He packs it(like a bike shop would), you pay bikeflight for shipping label, he puts label on and drop off at the...
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    Thompson Classic Bicycle Components - grips and seats

    I will take two black seats..... ron PS: Just realize how old this post is, he might not have anything left to sell.
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Last two for the year: Picture of my Felt Chief” Picture of my “HotWheels”
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    24x3 wheels

    Verrt, I got lucky with buying three 24" and need one more so I can run two sets. As for the 26" I have had ZERO(NO LUCK) finding any. I did find some 24x3" Felt Thick Bricks, that was luck also.
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    24x3 wheels

    I like the Felt Berm Masters...... they come in 24” and 26”. Sorry not 24x3”, but saw Verrt ask about motorcycle looking tires. Here is my 95 percent finished Felt Chief.
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    S&S Rainbow f&f

    Where in Virginia are you located????
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    Looking for wheel set

    $300 delivered to west coast from east coast. Thats why I asked where you live. Sorry the last set without tires sold for $260 delivered. Hopefully someone else can quote you a better price.... Ron
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    Looking for wheel set

    Where do you live? This 26" set came off a Felt Russian Cruiser. I like the 24" size more. I live in Virginia. SOLD......SOLD to Steve(Brochacho) in CA.
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    Can’t decide whether to paint or not?

    You did a GREAT job on the rebuild.....Now you are hooked my friend......Felts for Life
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    Felt Cruiser

    Pops68, Not my picture but to me looks like the standard 26" Quick Brick with 50mm rims. You can put 65mm on the felt frames with no problems, 80mm is too tight of a fit (Picture with 80mm rims is in the next picture).
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    What is the most high end bike you own

    Mine has to be the Laguna BMX i had rechromed. Love this bad boy.
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Haven’t posted in awhile, here are my last four: Picture of my “Felt Sled” Picture of my “Little Whor_” Picture of my “Felt 4 Life” Picture of my “Blue Shelby”