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    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Dezzie.....Hope you get better real soon.....Are you not the same Dezzie that use to own a Black Red Baron Felt Cruiser like 6-7 years ago that we PM all the time on this site .... Ron
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    glide deluxe

    Yep....You scored BigTime and STOLE it.... Congrads
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    Found Grey ghost or chrome 70s stingray chainguard

    I got a neighbor on my block who has the whole collection for sale
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    SOLD Felt El Guapo

    Robert..... pm sent your way
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    SOLD Felt El Guapo

    Robert the 68 forks have disc brake tabs.
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    New guy in Colorado

    Welcome to the board...... I have seen PLENTY of deals in Denver, CO. Guess you can buy more for your new builds.
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    SOLD Felt El Guapo

    Robert, Are those the original Felt Forks, never heard of Zoom Forks. But the bullet bottom of the forks look like Felt Forks... Ron
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Well..... thank you Robert Byland for the James Dean 130 Frame, thank you Jamie Bennett for the idea of sanding the Powerder Coat off and Polishing with Mothers Polish. I put 10 hrs in the sanding and two layers of Polish before i had to put it together. Used the Shadow Chain that Jamie gave me...
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Added two more to the stables: Blue Deep 6 Vintage Iron Bolt Bought on Rat Bikes one and only Walt Dowdy. Drove 16hr round trip for these bad boys.
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    24"Felt rims ,Thick Brick white walls SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Any Alum frames for sale??
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Finished a custom Felt Thrush Exhaust: was a Felt 8ball, still have the valve stem covers. Powder Coated Lolly Pop Red and Pearl White, Profile chainring and stem, Sturmey SC2 kickback rear hub, mixed in black and silver spokes. On the Vintage Iron Bolt I mounted 65mm Surly marge rims, Chris...
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    Red Baron

    Wizzle..... Very nice find. Did you get it from a dealer or 2nd hand? Love the color of the red in person, really shines back at you. You changed the tires already. (Eric i just looked on the Facebook group and saw it there).
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    Mark pm your way