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    Dyno Kosmopolitan beach cruiser

    Beautiful bike @baldwooky !
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    1945 Huffman "Colt 45"

    Looking good already! You should post pictures of you vehicles too... Sounds like my kind of stuff!
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    BMX Bratz bike

    Has potential.... I see a trials motorcycle style build! Be cool to use a triple tree fork.
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    VW Beetle polished patina

    Very cool in my opinion. Maybe not for everything, but it's cool.
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    Kingfish254's Finds - Sep17 - Second Trek CNC Rail - 240,000 VIEWS!!!!!! + Felt Deep Six + TrekCNCRail and SweetSkinsTires Raffles

    That is amazing you wound up with both of the Treks from the book! I would have maybe left the tires on and raffled with the book. I am thinking that is a collector there.
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    I guess it was something to do

    Yellow tires for the yellow bike! And maybe loose the fenders...
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    A sweet trade!

    Nice job!
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    More NOS frames from the dump.

    That might look good with a springer on the front! I bet you can do something cool with it. It looks like it has a small headtube also tho.
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    More NOS frames from the dump.

    I recall a few years back when @Joe Conde went to the dump and got several new frames also! Neat stuff!
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    BO15 The Bluebird of Happiness

    Excellent! :thumbsup:
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    BO15 A Missing Schwinn

    Wow... You have been unfortunately busy. Very sorry to hear all the damage. I live in Western Iowa and we were lucky here compared to you. You bike looks great! I like the paint.
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    A sweet trade!

    Looks like a pretty good trade both ways. :thumbsup:
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    BO15 The Bluebird of Happiness

    This should be cool. I have the same frame badged as a Western Flyer.
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    Hunterdon County NJ History & Girl Bikes

    Welcome from Iowa! :hi:
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    BO15 A Missing Schwinn

    I am still waiting to see which tires you are using.....