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    Suggestions for Spokes

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    Local Cycles recent builds

    Afew builds done at shop recently Refreshing a switchblade Electric kit to Vin's basman huffy panamajack fishing bike remake basman buildup "do tha white thang" 29"r customized newest build in progress "white widow" build in progress "3-way" FBI build LOCAL...
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    iRide Customs loop tail boardtrack

    What is the tank good for like 3 months between refills? good to see ya back to buildin. get one out to the shop wall already! :P
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    Schwinn font

    Thanks alot. I'm sure Fat Tony will put pics up when it is done. He needs a brooks and crank and will be back on the road
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    Redrider my second Basman is complete.

    come out nice ..and local cycles for 346 parts :P
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    Schwinn font

    Anyone have the fonts or graphics so i can make a vinyl mask like pictured need font used in Manta Ray because that will be "Purple Nurple" and 5 speed will be changed to 2 speed cause of the kickback
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    Built from scratch, but not quite a bike...

    can get you the sturmey hubs if you want. They are drum brake recumbents. using them on my "Project 3-way" The irony is the first body and name look like an import :P Where did you get the sprocket that is bolted to the disc rotor mounts?
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    POST your custom shifters

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    POST your custom shifters

    Lets see the diversity of custom made shifters. Post them up
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    Re: 2ND ANNUAL RRB AUCTION BIKE - need ideas'n'stuff! if it is a scratch built i got the headtube, bb, and dropouts start on some concept drawings if time permits maybe some framework locked in the jig
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    Abraham Linkage 1 1/8" fork on a 1" frame

    sounds good and easy thanks saved me unnecessary fab
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    Abraham Linkage 1 1/8" fork on a 1" frame

    I've got an old Schwinn. Looking to put a Felt Abraham Linkage 1 1/8" springer on a 1" frame. Anybody ever do this? If so, how?
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    XL comfort cruiser (renamed)

    Re: New Daily cruise Project yeah its a shame the MTB industry doesnt really have anymore triple trees besides the $1000 area cause they really make a plush ride. My MAD MAX with Marz DJ and springy brooks saddle feel almost like a full suspension. Hope to see more of this project
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    Driftwood Cruisers II and III

    one piece is taking a step backwards.... they are all essentially the same and just a chunk of steel remember your on a "ratrod" site maybe i'll get one in my showroom in the summer
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    Driftwood Cruisers II and III