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    Custom Fat Rat bike

    Pictures speak 1000 words yes those are moped wheels I’m willing to sell the bike for $350 whole or $250 shipped for moped wheels only
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    Let’s trade for something I need

    Let’s trade for something I need. I got these off of a gentleman from Illinois not long ago but decided to go into a different direction with my project. So by those now until I change my mind. So it seems like those are moped wheels with bicycle like 20 tooth sprocket and drum brakes front and...
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    Free bike frame

    Preferred local pick up but the ship is around $39-$40 bucks in my experience. Usually I ship via bike flights.858-232-8364 And I am in San Diego.
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    Whoa!!Someone better snatch it up fast!!
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    Rare mountain bike

    1993-94 Yokota Quicksilver. Asking $100 or best or trades
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    26” wheel set nexus hub

    And also the reason why I keep the shipping as an option is because In my local area sometimes I would have a hard time selling something so I do expand.
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    26” wheel set nexus hub

    You are absolutely right and on point. So far I have successfully ship whole bicycles and Parts and what I do is that I inquire if they’re willing to pay for shipping and materials and I give them an honest quote and if they refuse then I know they don’t wanna pay.
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    26” wheel set nexus hub

    Still have the wheels if anybody’s interested
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    Schwinns for sale

    OK the black bike is sold the blue one still remaining
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    Schwinns for sale

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    Schwinns for sale

    Thank you
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    Schwinns for sale

    1970 blue Schwinn $200 1955 Black Schwinn $650 Trade for Monark Silver King/Super Deluxe/Elgin /prewar bikes and parts I’m in San Diego California (858)232-8364