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    ‘66 Convertible

    Great job with cleaning it out! Looks awesome as it is!
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    Project "Firebolt"

    Then yesterday we had a little ride with local custom bike crew Kastom Garaż Poznan. I would probably not mention that, if not a guy on an electric Basman we met at out towns main square at the end of our ride. Second bike from the front on this photo. His name is Kamil and he told me a little...
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    Project "Firebolt"

    So, on Tuesday i've got a fresh delivery of parts from Germany. Some fork bumpers, new grips for my Murray Monterey and a new BB shell. I decided i go with a new one for this build instead of cutting out one from a donor bike because of a few reasons. First is it looks neat and clear, i don't...
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    A labor of love

    Hi! Lovely bike and a nice starting point! I built a bike for my girlfriend too last year for the BO :) Yours is made in February 1950. There would be also ACw mark on the right of the bottom bracket under the paint.
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    Billy Bobber

    I personally love those 90's Schwinn blade-inspired forks :) So i'd probably leave them on. Also in my opinion creme tires would look so much better on creme rims then white ones. The other advantage of creme ones is that they still look cool when they get dirty :)
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    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡

    In the situations like that i am using square nuts often, since they are more narrow then the hexagonal ones. Though regular hex nuts are also available in narrow option. Or possibly some lead? It is easy to melt at lower temperatures and sold as a soldering wire :)
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    Help Identifying Seats

    I'd say Persons because of the spring bowl shape and the rivets connecting the rails together.
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    Project "Firebolt"

    Here are some things i have received by mail lately, that are related to this project! First of all a 40mm hole saw (on the right) that is going to help me put the euro bottom bracket (on the left) into the frame. Then i bought this leftovers from what once been an electric bike. Apparently...
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    Monark Sparker

    The Nexus hub shell is made of the same aluminium as your stem, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Take the wheel apart, slightly tighten the locknuts, not too much not to squish the bearings, but enough to prevent the axle rotation. Then put the axle to your drill chuck and put it on very slow...
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    Billy Bobber

    I love those 90's Schwinn bikes with their pseudo-blade forks! Wish you best luck with your build!
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    Ten Turing

    Welcome on board! Czyli zapraszamy serdecznie ;) Great you've joined and that's a really nice bike to start with. If you'd need help sourcing parts or making anything custom - feel free to contact me, i am living in Poznań, so shipping won't be an issue :)
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    Monark Sparker

    Hey! Great you have joined! Let me know if you'd need help finding any specific parts, and good luck with the build ;)
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    Unknown frame

    The dropouts shape is also very different. I would recognize Roadmaster dropouts out of a thousand others :) Thanks for all the efforts and input!
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    Project "Firebolt"

    They take 52v and mine was set up to 850w peak power. It was slightly warm after the ride, but that's totally normal. Of course you could burn it if you put way more amps to it, but it is almost as powerful as 1kw Bafang model. I have ordered the extender from China last year but it had never...
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    Project "Firebolt"

    Torque is very good, i was even afraid to get mad with it sometimes, i totally feel the engine could have done even more if it won't be a test build and i'd dare to let it show all its power :) About the speed i really don't know, since the speed sensor that came stock with it had a cable that...