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    Electra Bicycle Pics

    There could be a painted lettering under that badge when you remove it :) At least it was on the earlier models. Those bikes are nice! Glad for you to have a disc brake model!
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    restoring metal flake seat cover

    Did you try white spirit? It is the thing i ususally use before acetone. Acetone is indeed too agressive for vinyl and for sure would cause some damage. Using a 303 or silicone spray afterwards is a very good idea too. But if i were you i wouldn't give up on trying to remove the cover first of...
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    Urban Lady Bomber

    I didn't change the frame geometry, it is just that i couldn't find the photos of the bike before modifications and showed a picture of same model bike from the internet. So the one online is bigger frame size, but apart from that is same as what i started with. The only frame mod i have...
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    Project 346 Good Old Days Cruiser

    I love those tires too, but they are so hard to get lately! :)
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    1947 CWC "Rat Master"

    I've had some free time and bought some large drills lately, so i used this moment to work on the original fork i got with this bike. The fork was bent and damaged badly, so the only way to go with it was to completely remove the steerer tube, together with the crown race fitting place, and fit...
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    Project 346 Good Old Days Cruiser

    Starting a build thread for the bike i've made for BO15. Still lots of ideas to be brought to life with this project. In fact i love the outcome so much i even got myself another ladies 346 cruiser frame to make a similar mod to it later. But for now i want to start this thread by some nice...
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    Urban Lady Bomber

    I've done a nice transformation of a Gazelle city bike for a friend of mine this spring. This is how it looked like (not same bike but similar): In process: After (sorry for low quality photo):
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    Spring Cleaning

    Gets a bit more difficult with some of them that have no hooks on the ends, but it does seem like a great method!
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    Anyone else like to use “odd” bikes to cover distance?

    I cycle a lot on my cruiser bikes. I use bicycle as my main local transport (practically the only one, i just occasionally take a cab once a month apart from cycling) and sometimes take trips with them. Usually i have one 1000+ miles trip a year and at least few 100+ miles, but 2020 was a bit of...
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    Custom axle nuts

    Used some on my last years WBO bike.
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    1962 AMF Roadmaster Skylark (Wait, what? Yet another Roadmaster?!)

    Hi! Thanks for the comment! Actually my problem is that i don't have a tube in the size i need available. The diameter of the AMF seat tube is 20,5mm, and it is just very hard to buy here in Europe. Smallest seatpost you can get is 22mm (7/8 inch), and if i buy just a normal tube i'd need to...
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    1962 AMF Roadmaster Skylark (Wait, what? Yet another Roadmaster?!)

    Hello everyone! Yes, yet another Roadmaster i got! This time it is a ladies bike and it is for a friend of mine, so i promise to finish this one soon :D I had to use this chance, since it was sold in the Netherlands and not for too much money. The bike appears to be completely original, though i...
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    As you see i have fixed the problem even without using that ones. I have the kind that you posted too, but i just did not want to use them on this build. I somehow like the more slim ones with the rest of the bike. Thanks for offering a working solution though :)
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    Finally found some time to come back to this project! Started by extending the fork head tube. I think my TIG skills are getting better! Then i have mounted the fender with some threaded rivets so it can travel together with the fork. Originally the there are threads in the first fork half...
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    Felt Torch Chopper

    Done same on mine :D