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    Giants need love too...

    Spring has broke! This was two weeks ago. Snow and ice gone now and getting the Boulder out doing what it should be doing
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    New member from the UK.

    Sounds like cool projects!!
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    Giants need love too...

    Still sportin' the Mountain LX on the brake side of things
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    Spaceliner frame, Blast Off!!

    Today, a friend I met in grade school (because he rode a sweet Schwinn SX100), dropped off this frame for me. What a cool dude! I think I'll harvest some parts off something from the same era and ride it. The license is from '69-70, how cool is that!
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    Box of Covid delivered today...

    Holy Cats! That's Beautiful!!!!
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    Swing-ee Thing-ee Ree-visited

    I dig it! Nice job!
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    Bikes on bridges

    My Giant Boulder I've owned for 30 years. Nice ride on a beautiful fall day in NW Iowa. Kev
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    Giants need love too...

    My 1990 Giant Boulder I've owned since it was a few months old. I worked in a bike shop and bought this with some parts missing on it. It went to college with me and many other adventures. 5 yrs ago, i pulled it out of storage, went through it, and put some different bars and michelin rock...
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    Show me your bicycle sidecar!

    This cool cat made an electric ride in the way back. Super slick
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    Show us your Cars!

    That's Awesome! I have a vintage champion chassis flat tracker with a '74 yz250 I wanted to race in arhma and ice race, but never got around to it. Besides a few hare scrambles, I got into competition trials and really enjoyed it.