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    captain americruiser...rideable!

    I gotta say I was expecting something a bit more subtle. The scales is a really cool touch. I'd like to see how you did that.
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    26" front wheel with 24" back wheel?

    If you want the look of the smaller wheel in back, going with the 24" wheel and a 3" tire is the way to go. As contrast, a 26 x 1.50 on front or maybe throw on a road bike fork and a 27 x 1 1/8.
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    Copper bike, just a thought.

    Has anyone considered copper plating a frame an fork? Let it oxidize a bit, maybe to the point that parts turn green then seal it. Just thinking out loud.
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    Which Huffy and what year?

    There should be another number between those two 6's in that number from the head tube. Huffy started using that number sequence in the early 70's. The first two digits was the month of manufacture. The third digit was the last digit of the year. The next four was the number of the frame built...
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    Over grown tricycle.

    They don't sell it and you can't even see the web thing in the video.
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    Over grown tricycle.

    Too big to keep in the house.
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    Over grown tricycle.

    Kreep, THAT'S what I'm talking about. I want to do that with a bigger wheel though. That 36" wheel with 170mm cranks. When I was 3 or 4, I had a tricycle/wagon combo. Your tricycle reminds me of that.
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    Over grown tricycle.

    That's more like the Pennyfarthing than I was thinking but that would work. What I was thinking about was more like an exact scale version of a kids tricycle. That looks like a huge kids tricycle from 100 years ago.
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    BIKE Identfication Help.

    I forgot to mention that Huffy's SN's starting with HC then followed by 7 digits started in the early 70's as far as I can tell.
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    captain americruiser...rideable!

    I started a thread over on CABE about whether anyone has over built a bike based on a theme. As a little background to that thread, my son is a big comic book fan. One day I asked him what theme he'd like to have in a bike. We discussed all sorts of themes. When we got to the discussing the...
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    BIKE Identfication Help.

    I'm just getting back to this thread. Does your bike have a number on the rear dropout as well? Perhaps one that has a single number followed by an H then more numbers? Huffy wasn't consistent with their serial numbers it seems. The more info we get, the more certain we can be about how to...
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    Over grown tricycle.

    Have any of you ever considered building an over grown tricycle? I don't mean a trike as in a chain driven bike with two wheels in the back. I mean a TRICYCLE . A big version of Use the 36" wheel from a Coker unicycle or Wheelman And put on a big fat seat That big 36" up front and a...
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    JC higgins frame

    I believe the Murray codes changed a bit after 1948. A '49 code should have been an F. The MOS-N could be a 1957 frame. Seeing the tank and rear rack would help. Where on CABE did you ask for ID help? I couldn't find it.
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    west Tennessee greetings

    Welcome from Memphis.
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    Educate me on chains.

    I understand. A multi speed bike has thinner gears as well due to space limitations. Unless I have a bike with a cassette, I just need the thicker chain and that's all there is to it.