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    1946 Roadmaster Badge/Guard/Chainring

    Same one I have MD
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    1946 Roadmaster Badge/Guard/Chainring

    Chain guards are tough to find Ebay you can try
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    1946 Roadmaster Badge/Guard/Chainring

    I may have a chain ring similar for you. I deal with the Hawthorne CWC style bike which is kinda the same. You do know its a skip tooth style.
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    Lights for sale

    3.0 inch wide LED flashlight with handlebar mount 3 AA battery power in handle 20.00 plus S/H Oxford tail light runs on a D battery works fine 20.00 plus S/H Handlebar flashlight mount vintage and old wood dowels 20.00 plus S/H
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    ** Let's see your Bicycle Winter pic's **

    Driveway Shot
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    Seat / Saddle Gallery - Post Pics Here

    Here's mine
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    Before & After Pics

    Shop Bike
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    Lets see your Columbia's!

    I made it
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    Barn Find Schwinn

    p/m me BFB I can help
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    Barn Find Schwinn

    ya want a stand alone LED unit? that's easy.
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    Let's see some home made battery tubes!

    I made one out of a dynamite detonator, tube is brass stamped with Eveready manufacturer mumbo jumbo. I will be putting it up for sale too.
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    Howe Caverns Bicycle show and Swap meet. Has been canceled.

    sorry for ya stevie z
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    Linseed oil finish?

    Love the linseed for sure.
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    Shop Bike

    I do and thanks for that
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    Shop Bike

    I'm not getting it?????????????????