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    Those bars look delicious.
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    Truss / Arch frame bikes

    These are too cool. I had one of these for about a week. I regret letting go of it, but i think it was because the frame was tiny.
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    My other Winter Build Off project

    Yep. Sitting right next to his driveway. It's been a while since I've seen it, but i don't remember if it still has the engines or anything. Pretty sure it still has the blades and whatnot.
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    Found this funky BMX stem...Flying W BMX

    Love the style of that stem. Also love those cranks on the ground.
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    Madwagon City 9 - all cleaned up

    I love mad wagons. Something about them are just super clean and smooth.
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    32" Walmart Genesis

    I didn't know walmart had a 32". Pretty cool looking. I actually like the frame.
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    Barn Rescue 1936 Fleetwood Supreme

    Sweet bike! Love the chain guard!
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    Worksman Service Trike

    Oh man, I loved my front loader! The burden of removing the pan, carrying it down near-vertical stairs every night made it not-so-worthwhile. I'd love to pick up another one one day!
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    My other Winter Build Off project

    Wow! Super cool!Reminds me of the guy down the road from me who has had a helicopter in his front yard for about 12 years. Wanna paint his?
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    Who is stoked for winter riding?

    I was excited. I really need to get back Into it. All this looks like so much fun!
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    Nashbar Deals

    Awesome looking bike. Still over my budget though.
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    24" DB BMX Cruiser

    sweet bike! love the gum walls!
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    One of my best finds ever Vintage Paul components ATB

    Ohhhh PURPLE ANNO! I love it!
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    1989 Cannondale Road Bike

    Especially in my area. Those go like hotcakes, and for a pretty good buck, too!
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    dumpster bike find