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    my third Columbia middle weight

    I love the tank on that bike!
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    I know there's a pony in here somewhere...

    In my oppinion it's not worth all the work and head aches. if you're interested I have a nice mid 70's womens Free Spirit 3 speed I'd trade you even up. The Free Spirit is ready to ride, not a pile of parts like you're stuck with. Let me know when you want to make the trade :lol:
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    Prewar Snyder Hawthorne f/f tank

    Instead of wasting time cleaning it up and then trying to hide it from your wife I'll take it off your hands!
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    All in one grip and brake lever

    If only I didn't give away the first 25%.......
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    All in one grip and brake lever

    I wasn't one of the top Powerball winners but I did quite well!! Since I live in Wisconsin and I'm married my wife gets 50% of anything I win. I thought about getting a lawyer and trying to fight to keep it all mine but I still like her so I told her about our windfall and we decided we'll be...
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    $5.00 Garagle Sale Find

    I'll give you twice what you paid for it :D How often can you double your money on a bike? Nice find!
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    its not a bike, but its a find allright

    Cool find but I think everyone really wants to know if there were any bikes in the barn :lol:
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    old bike with 'new' tank

    I bought this bike in early summer but I never really liked it. It came with a matching year and color womens tank bike but this mens bike didn't have a tank. I was trying to sell them locally as a pair but as it turned out a guy came along and only wanted the womens bike so that still left me...
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    You've got to see this

    That puts the value of a good fork at $200 to $400!! I'm going to start parting out my bikes.
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    You've got to see this

    I'm glad I didn't waste my time e-mailing him. I saw that bike when I was checking out Allofcraigslist the other night and thought about seeing if he would ship and naturally I would have offered him less because of the bent fork. But what do we know... he buys hundreds of bikes and owns some...
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    Colsen Commander

    If your planning on getting rid of it and you figure out what it's worth let me know. I love the way that bike looks.
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    1930's Colson ladies bike rusty

    The close up pics do look pretty bad but I've brought home a few that were just like that. It might be worth spending a few bucks on a can of PB Blaster and some brass brushes and fine steel wool. I park them over a piece of plastic and soak the entire bike down with the PB Blaster. Let it soak...
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    1930's Colson ladies bike rusty

    That's the same color as most of my bikes! I'd put some tubes and tires on her, give her a good regreasing and leave the 'patina' just as it is. Then ride the wheels off her!
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    My Monark/Firestone

    I was really hoping to find a Super Cruiser or Super Deluxe but I found this one sitting in the basement of another bike guy in my area and worked out a deal with him so now it's sitting in my basement. I took it for a [very cold] ride today and I like it!
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    Cleanest Schwinn Cruiser I have ever seen.

    I like the warning about putting chopper forks on the bike. But if you look at the picture of the kid it sure looks like he's having fun.